The Far Malcolm CasSelle Has Helped Wax to Go

It is amazing to see how most people have embraced investing in some in-game virtual assets. OPSkins has become famous when it comes to selling these virtual assets. Malcolm CasSelle happens to be the CIO of this great company. The company is also known to be the leading bitcoin merchant in the world. The company has numerous users who usually make some micro-payments on a cross-border basis. Due to its decentralized protocol, the company has become great on user demand and market size. Those who created OPSkins have also come up with another blockchain platform the users can use when trading virtual assets. The new platform is known as Worldwide Asset eXchange or WAX.

The two foundation aspects of WAX include decentralized smart contracts and blockchain. With WAX, it would be easier for those selling and buying virtual assets to do it more efficiently. The virtual asset markets have had two main problems namely fraud and fragmentation. However, WAX has come up or created a widget with a blockchain system, which enables the sellers and buyers to trade without clicking off their game. With the blockchain, it has become possible to solve the fragmentation problem, which has existed in the market for a long time. It has not been easy for most people to buy and sell their virtual assets from other players in the past. However, with the WAX Platform tokenizing the gaming assets, it has become possible to trade.

Malcolm, the WAX President, is confident that this platform is the best the users ever had. He says that the cryptocurrency world needed this platform to be ignited. The Computer Science graduate from Stanford University has made the cryptocurrency trade market more beneficial and useful to the users today. He has also been at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for other studies. Malcolm was the co-founder of Hong Kong PCCW, which is a publicly traded telecom. He is good at speaking Mandarin and Japanese. Malcolm is one of the investors who invested in companies such as Zynga, Facebook, and the recent Bitcoin-related companies. At PCCW (Pacific Century CyberWorks), Malcolm was a senior vice president and the one who advised the company’s CEO.

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