David McDonald On OSI Groups Presence in China

David McDonald is at present, the president of the OSI Group. The company is a global value-added food products supplier and one of the largest privately owned businesses in the US. McDonald has been working with OSI Group for more than three decades. He is one of the reasons for the company’s unprecedented growth both in domestic and in international markets.

In one of his interviews, David McDonald answers several questions about the company’s presence in China. When asked about their grand structure in the communist country, McDonald shares that the company’s latest facility reflects the time and effort they have spent in China. He adds that they are confident that OSI Group can achieve large scale solutions through huge investment.

At present, the company has all the available raw materials and the right location. McDonald is happy to share that their facility in China is a testament to the company’s ability to comprehend the market from a cultural perspective. While the market is exciting and fast-paced, it allows the company to be steps ahead of the competitors, he shares.

When asked about the secret of their success in China David McDonald reveals the importance of becoming one of the locals. According to him, they were able to forge long-term partnerships that allow them to meet the needs of the Chinese market because of this. Since the place offers flexibility, the company was able to stay true to its beliefs, understand the culture, and produce high-quality products to the new market.

McDonald adds that while it took them so much time establishing the market in China but for being in the country for more than a couple of decades, he believes that the Chinese know that the company listens to them and their needs. Additionally, he notes that to be able to gain the trust of the Chinese, they invested long hours of their personal time.

When asked how the company was able to overcome various challenges like technical and infrastructure issues in China, David McDonald says that they have collaborated with suppliers, customers, and various government agencies in the country. He adds that the Chinese government is also doing the right thing for the development of their country. McDonald shares that when they are patient, they are able to overcome any kinds of problems.