Renew Youth Reveals Causes of Aging Skin

Blogwebpedia recently published an article by Stephen Callahan titled “Do Anti-Aging Creams Really Work? Renew Youth Answers.” The article indicates that there is more to aging than meets the eye. Many women are concerned that their skin makes them look older than they are, particularly as they are going through menopause. Renew Youth (the leading experts in helping women of a certain age find solutions to the problems of menopause) reveals that skin changes can be caused by surging hormones. They have more than two decades of experience helping women find solutions for the issues that occur during menopause, including issues with the skin.

Renew Youth reveals that it is important to consider the structure of the skin prior to finding the right anti-aging cream. The skin is affected by a variety of components including moisture, collagen, and elastin. Moisture in the skin happens when the natural oils produced by the skin combine with components like hyaluronic acid to give skin the youthful glow. Collagen provides the bounce of the skin because it is the protein that holds the tissues of the body together. Elastin is another protein that is responsible for providing resiliency to the skin. To know more about the company click here.

However, there are a variety of external factors that can also affect your skin. Sun damage can cause the rapid breakdown of the skin cells because the UV rays create free radicals in the body, eventually breaking the elastin and collagen down. UV rays and sun damage can also cause discoloration on the skin. A diet that is high in processed foods or sugars will also age quicker because the body is triggered into a glycation state. This triggers the immune system to get rid of them, eventually putting the body under too much stress and damages the collagen of the skin. Smoking is also damaging to the skin and can cause it to appear older.