JD.com Helps Brands Boost Sales In China

With over 300 million regular users, JD.com is China’s largest retailer. As a result of this, the company has gained an extensive amount of feedback from customers across the country that has allowed them to create an impressive amount of data insights. These insights have in turn allowed JD.com to grow even further. However, that doesn’t mean that the company has been selfish with their ideas. In contrast, the company has been sharing many of these insights with a variety of key partners every year to help them improve their sales in China.

Known as the Consumer-to-Manufacturer program, this allows a select few of JD.com’s partners to utilize the big data that the company has collected to help shape their sales strategy in the country. This enables them to adapt their products specifically to meet the unique demands of the Chinese market. Two of the most recent such examples who have benefitted from this success have been Huggies diapers and Head & Shoulders shampoo who both saw a noticeable increase in sales. JD.com announced the success of both of their campaigns, as well as a few others, at their recent annual FMCG conference. The conference drew 900 representatives from dozens of countries from around the world.

JD.com’s program can perform sophisticated keyword searches and trend analyses through the use of a few sophisticated and innovative tools. Huggies was an example of how these tools and the platform that JD.com provides can have a significant impact on sales. Through the platform, Huggies was able to understand the rising popularity of domestic Chinese diaper brands better. Much of this was down to the use of a composite material used in these projects, which many Chinese people preferred. As a result, the company released a new composite material version of its diapers in China. After a few months, the popularity of the new diaper range was soaring, and it ended up accounting for 62% of Huggies’ sales on JD.com. According to the company, many of the brands they’ve partnered with have seen similar impacts on their sales in the past few years; they also noted that they hope that this will still be the case in the future.

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