Surgeon Saad Saad’s Medical Career

Most graduates of medical school intend to open a practice wherever they wish to live in the country. They look to make their practice as lucrative as they can and help as many patients on a daily basis as they can, but, in most cases, they want to remain where they are. Dr. Saad Saad graduated from Cairo University with a degree in surgical medicine and began his internship at a hospital in England. Once this was completed, he worked at a couple of medical offices located in England for the first few years of his career. He decided to immigrate to the United States and settled with his family in New Jersey; where he opened his own practice. His experience in practicing medicine in Europe had allowed him to bring many of the techniques used there to his American practice.


Dr. Saad was contacted by the Royal Family of Arabia who wanted him to come to their country and work for them. After a short time, he agreed to move his family once again and begin working there. He practiced at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and performed many surgeries. These surgeries were done not only to the Royal Family itself but to other people living in Riyadh. He established himself as the top surgeon in the area and before long, many other Royal Families began to bring their children to his hospital to perform surgery. Dr. Saad was well known for his compassion in working with all children. He went on several missionary journeys in other parts of the world working with children who were not able to be seen by doctors in their own countries. He continued to work at the hospital for over four years and earned many praises during that time. His work was written up in medical journals and he won several awards for his technique.


After working at the hospital, he returned with his family to the United States and once again set up his practice in New Jersey. Many of his previous patients once again returned to his office as well as many new patients. Dr. Saad retired after practicing medicine for over 45 years and he and his wife currently reside at their home in New Jersey. The doctors four children have gone on to have very lucrative careers as well and Dr. Saad believes that the reason they have flourished is due to the international education they were given while they were young. The travel they did while they were living in Riyadh allowed them all to make many friends and these friendships continue to this day. Dr. Saad and his wife also travel back to see these friends many times. Learn more:

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