Steve Lesnard’s Love for Sports

Steve Lesnard previously served as an executive at one of the most consistent athletic brands in the world, Nike. From a young age Steve has had interest in sporting activities and has thus garnered vast experience in the industry. This is what keeps him ahead of his peers because he knows exactly what consumers are looking for when they go to shop for sports attire.

Earlier Life

Mr. Steve Lesnard attended a business school in France where he got the necessary skills and tools needed for entrepreneurship and international business. Even at this time, he never lost his love for sports and served as the president of the sports club for the institution. The club was in charge of arranging for competitive tournaments for the students. Later on, Steve Lesnard moved to the US to pursue an MBA in Entrepreneurship at Babson College.

Sports Ventures

After graduation, Steve Lesnard landed his first job at a leading luxury fashion brand, Wolford. He was the company’s marketing director and was tasked with responsibility of opening new retail stores at different locations in New York. His had a successful venture and moved to West Coast to look for greener pastures in the sports industry. He took sports marketing to a higher level and facilitated the signing of the first two snowboard gold medalists who participated in the Nagano Olympics. While in the industry, he came to understand more about product development and how to satisfy the need of elite athletes.

Throughout his career, Steve Lesnard has been able to work with various iconic brands that have previously launched industry-changing products. He has rubbed shoulders with high-profile entrepreneurs in the sports industry and gained intellectual insight in the due process. His vast experience in the sports industry has been an eye-opener in terms of what their clients need and how that can be satisfied with minimum cost-friendly input.

Steve Lesnard is an all-rounded individual who stops at nothing less than success. He is a self-driven entrepreneur who knows what the consumers want. With this level of enthusiasm for the sports industry, we can only expect more ventures from him soon.

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