Steve Lesnard, The International Brand Consultant

With his intensive skills in business and entrepreneurship, Steve Lesnard has served in in many organizations including the largest athletic brands globally. He holds executive positions in this brand with establishment of robust policies as well as launching iconic products. He has enhanced collaboration with various industries including sports, technology as well as sports. He has a great passion in sports as mirrored in his leadership actions.

He started his career journey as the global marketing and footwear manager. He role was to service snowboard teams for America and Canada. Steve Lesnard also held the position of the director of middle east and Africa brands for women. During this time, he managed to refine the sporting strategies for women across the two continents. Collaborating with other leaders, he managed to establish the first retail stores for women. This was influenced by many people including the great superstars to encourage women to join the sports industry.

Under his leadership, Steve Lesnard managed to develop the brand into the most growing worldwide with a rapid increase in its revenue. He innovation driven strategy referred to as the mobile-first strategy which enabled the brand to start other new products such as lunar. He went further to establish a partnership with the apple company which resulted to rapid growth in the brands online community to a great extent.

Steve Lesnard bring new ideas in business by holding conversation with his team members. He greatly believes that bid ideas span from anywhere and working as a team can expand as well as sharpen one’s thoughts. He adds that most preferably ways of bringing ideas in life involves three main stages, defining the real idea followed by knowing exactly your target consumer and lastly the benefits of the products to the consumers

Steve Lesnard encourages other people to work hard to fully achieve their goals. To achieve greatness in life, one has to take various risks involved in the road to achieve the most in business. he adds by following this path has always enabled him to thrive well in business.

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