Shafik Sachedina is Using his Expertise to Make his Company Better

When Shafik Sachedina brought his company into the market more than twenty-five years ago, he had a simple mission in mind; to make the lives of seniors and mental patients better. The medical professional got help from an executive in the hotel department, and together, they raised one of the most influential companies in the world.

The institution is now operating with more than twenty homes in the Sussex neighborhood. Apart from being able to meet the needs of the people, the healthcare facility has been taking part in community activities that are aimed at making the seniors live a great life. Sussex Healthcare has been awarded so many times because of putting the needs of its customers first.

The people that Shafik and his co-chairman have been hiring are not just ordinary. The two leaders have invested everything they have to make the workers in the company comfortable so that they can give customers only the best. The customers always say that Shafik Sachedina and his team make them feel at home, even when they are not in the perfect health. People with disabilities have been given so much love and care from the organization which has all the amenities needed in the competitive market.

Shafik Sachedina did not start his firm before conducting his research well. The businessman wanted to make sure that his independent company was offering more than the ordinary services to elderly patients and other adults who disabilities. The healthcare institutions in the market were lacking something unique to keep the patients happy and they focused on this strategy well.

The company has made sure that there are modern work out facilities that are made for the elderly. The professionals who work in the gym are very experienced and they understand their roles. The new chief executive officer who joined the team just recently has been instrumental in making sure that Shafik Sachedina and the rest of the team in the company are happy about the progress the firm is making. Shafik Sachedina is not a newbie in the matters concerning health. For decades, the businessman has been serving as a dental surgeon, and he knows what the customers need.

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