Roseannetangrs Reviews Two EOS Lip Balms

After hearing a lot about the EOS lip balms, YouTuber roseannetangrs was excited when she was gifted two of the much hyped scents from a friend, Strawberry Sorbet and Passion Fruit, which she reviewed on her channel.

Starting with a bare lip, she applied the balm. Her first impression of the little spherical product was that it was not heavy, sticky, or gross like many other lip products often are. She said it went on very smooth, and her lips felt really nice, check

Both balls had a good scent, with the Strawberry Sorbet reminding her of strawberries and cream, and the Passion Fruit smelling like it’s namesake, with a hint of shea butter

Her favorite part of the EOS line by far is the packaging ( They come in a small ball or sphere with side grips that fits in the palm of your hand. She absolutely could not stop talking about how cute and adorable they are or how they remind her of little Easter eggs. She absolutely loved it.

Roseannetangrs liked the product. She pointed out how the balm itself is colorless, which means consumers can apply it, then apply their lip color over it, giving them a comfortable wear all day.


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