Perry Mandera Set the Standard for Business Success and Community Philanthropy

Perry Mandera is the CEO and founder of Custom Companies. His company is a full-service provider of transportation services (Slideshare). The company has sales of more than $200 million, and it is heavily involved in philanthropic activities. Perry philanthropic services have led to bettering the lives of numerous people.

Mandera’s experience in trucking began in the military as a heavy equipment driver in the Marine motor pool. He leveraged this experience to start Custom Companies in 1986. His business was a success, and he decided to sell it five years later. At that time, he pursued politics as well. His company has sponsored more than 100 sports teams for Chicagoland youth.

Customers Cares Charities is on a mission to support diverse organizations that complement the company’s goals. There are far too many underserved in the population. As such, his organization is setting numerous performance records for sponsorships. Custom Companies provides services that include logistics, international air freight forwarding, truckload services, and contract cartage to name several. It also offers warehousing and distribution services.

Custom Companies also utilizes technology in a big way to make sure the company can serve clients in the most effective ways possible. Cheetah Dispatch allows its drivers to access a massive amount of information to streamline operations. Its warehouse management system enables customers to track packages with ease from shipping to the point where they receive their package. Its dock management system enables freight to move quickly and to minimize any delays.

Perry Mandera works hard and his company is a success. It makes a difference when people of his stature give back to the community and make philanthropy a big part of their life. Philanthropy can affect the lives of people in a major way. Perry Mandera sets the perfect example for what business success and caring for others can accomplish.


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