Brian Torchin Helping Young Graduates to Secure Formal Employment in The Health Sector

Brian Torchin is the founder of HRCR a private for-profit human resource company that is based in the US. The staffing agency that Torchin established deals with the placement of qualified medical professional to various healthcare institutions across the US. Torchin is a Chiropractor by professional and also holds an exercise science degree.

Torchin passion and desire to establish a staffing agency was as a result of a personal experience that he encountered while looking for a job immediately after college. Torchin had an awful experience in securing a job. Out of the difficulties he underwent in getting a job in the healthcare industry Torchin saw nothing but an opportunity to help others, and that’s how HRCR was born. Just like any other startup HRCR had humble beginnings but has grown over the years to be the leading healthcare staffing agency not only in the US but globally. Today HRCR boasts of successfully securing employment to thousands of graduates in the healthcare sector and having outlets in more than 50 states in the US. The firm has not only grown locally but also internationally and has other outlets in countries such as Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia among others. Click here to learn more:

Brian Torchin is actively involved in the Social Media Platform and commands a considerable following mostly from healthcare professionals. Torchin has an active Facebook, Twitter, Aboutme, and Linked-in account among others that he virtually updates posts especially on current issues and trends in the healthcare sector. Torchin also uses the platform to advertise on new vacancies in the healthcare industry.

Brian Torchin has done tremendous work in the healthcare sector and has achieved a lot. Torchin accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, and as a result, he has been featured in some leading media outlets. Among the media companies that have featured Torchin’s work include CNN, and Digital Journal among others.

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Sussex Healthcare Care Hires A New CEO To Enhance The Quality Of Operations

Sussex Healthcare is a privately owned company that offers care homes in Sussex. It has 20 homes under its ownership that offer various services that are focused on providing care to the elderly including those with conditions such as dementia. They also offer specialized care to those with neurological disabilities and physical disabilities. Sussex Healthcare has employed professionals who are well trained in providing support and also have the necessary state of the art technologies and cozy setting to improve the well being of the patients.

Recently, the company hired new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor, who took some time to familiarize with the company before taking the role. The company saw her fit for the position because of her 30 years of experience in the health and social care industries. She has worked in several organizations where she has helped to resolve operational challenges and restore the faith of stakeholders.

The new CEO of Sussex Healthcare is planning on working with the entire team to achieve the set goals. Her appointment is an indication that the company is dedicated to improving quality of care it offers. She is expected to assess its current state by visiting the homes where she will interact with the residents and other partners.

Sussex Healthcare has also opened a new gym, which is part of the plan to avail more services to the residents. It is expected to help in attending to the special needs of residents who are physically disabled and others with different challenges. It has also prepared a gym staff by providing them with extensive training so that they can effectively help clients on various areas.

Those that need to work out alone in the gym can do so, but the team will always be at their disposal in case they want to begin an exercise plan. The plan is designed to ensure the patrons are engaging in exercises that suit their conditions. Even those with limited mobility will receive assistance from the gym staff. There is also a pool and hot tubs for those with joints problems and sore muscles. Even those with cognitive disabilities are expected to benefit from these facilities.

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Sheldon Lavin Has Led The Way In Sustainable Operation

The population of the planet has exceeded seven billion people. The United Nations says that figure will be nearly 10 billion by 2050. The CEO of one of America’s largest food processors thinks about these figures every day. He understands that feeding a hungry planet will require two things: Sustainable food development and extreme attention to environmental management.

The company is OSI Industries and its long-time CEO is Sheldon Lavin. He stands as one of the longest-serving company leaders in America today. Mr. Lavin took over at OSI Industries in the 1970s. From the very beginning, he understood that his company could not grow without making sustainability a central guiding principle of that growth process.

Today OSI Industries spans the globe with some 70 facilities operating in 17 countries. It is among the largest processors of beef, pork, chicken and raw vegetable matter in the world. Forbes ranks OSI as No. 58 on its list of largest privately-owned American companies. It reports revenues in excess of $6 billion per year.

Sheldon Lavin’s approach to achieving sustainability is leveraging advanced technology. For example, he understands that finding new sources of energy that do not contribute carbon to the earth atmosphere is an essential component of responsible operation. That means adopting massive sources of green energy, such as solar and wind produced power. It also means finding ways to operate giant meat processing plants using as little energy as possible.

That’s a special challenge for a company like OSI Industries which is inherently energy intensive. Consider that processing fresh meats requires huge amounts of refrigeration to keep meat at a safe temperature until it reaches the dinner table of the end user. Not must meat be refrigerated, but the machines that do the processing themselves must also be super-cooled as they work.

Another sustainability factor is demand for fresh water. Sheldon Lavin early on understood that finding ways to reduce water usage to a minimum was essential. Part of the effort can be achieved with low-flow faucets. Another aspect of water conservation is effective recycling of captured “gray water.”

Lavin’s methods have earned OSI Industries world recognition as a leader in sustainable operation.

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Ryan Seacrest bears the rain New Years 2019

In the past thirteen years, Ryan Seacrest bore New York’s winter weather as he hosted “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve”. Ryan Seacrest stated he prefers 2019 New Years’ rain over the 2018’s cold, which was a record low of nine degrees that year. Seacrest reportedly remained “unflappable” as his Ryan Seacrest’s Distinction white shirt became drenched along with his jeans of another brand. The weather also attributed to dangerous conditions due to exposed electrical cables and heaters laying in the rain. Seacrest upheld his abilities to host America as his puffer jacket started to smoke when he backed into a heater.

Secrest has become accustomed adapting to the variance in New York’s weather since joining Kelly Ripa on “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan” in 2017. The show films five days a week in the city and will continue into the 2019-2020 season. Working with Ripa helped Seacrest become accustomed to working with energetic blondes, such as his “Rockin’ New Years Eve” 2019’s co-host, Jenny McCarthy.

Ryan Seacrest is also experienced in hosting musicians through various situations. Seacrest continues to host his own radio show, “On Air with Ryan” and ABC’s “American Idol“. On “Rockin’ New Years Eve” this year, Secrest and McCarthy hosted Christina Aguilera Dan and Shay, and New Kids on the Block.

Secrest worked with Dan and Shay the week beforehand on Christmas Eve. The duo joined Secrest for a surprise visit at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. The hospital is home to a Secrest studio funded by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Dan and Shay sang and answers questions from patients. Seacrest humorously recounted to patients about being stuck in an elevator during the rehearsal for “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve” three years ago.

Other festivities in New York included CNN’s “New Years Eve with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen” and Metropolitan Opera’s New Year’s Eve Gala.

The Whereabouts Of The Blockchain Technology Pioneer: Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is a big name in the world of cryptocurrencies holding patent of blockchain technologies. His innovations brought many efficiencies to the financial sector. He provided a backbone for cryptocurrencies to grow. He created a blockchain based smart card that can work both online and offline.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is best defined as distributed ledgers linked together with cryptography. The ledgers contains transaction data as well as timestamp. It came into existence to secure transactions and promote transparency as well as integrity of data.

Knowing Serge Belamant

Mr. Belamant attended Highlands North High School and excelled to join Witwatersrand University where he studied engineering before shifting to computer science and applied mathematics. He later dropped out of university and started pursuing information systems.

Serge Belamant was absorbed by Matrix, an engineering firm which operated under the ownership of BKSH. He worked as a software and systems engineer at the company. He was later assigned at the centre for scientific and industrial research where he headed a computer section of Pretoria, Witwatersrand and Vereeniging road planning project. He is the founder of Zilch Technology Limited.

Blockchain technology creation

He created the Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS) and strived to get banks to use it in vain at first. Net1 Technologies was contracted in 1995 by visa to use UEPS technology to develop Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card (COPAC). Mr. Belamant moved to the United States where he got access all the resources to develop COPAC. He combined FTS and UEPS to develop COPAC which is still be used by visa today.

In 1999, Net1 Technologies acquired Cash Payment Services (CPS). The company continued to grow over time and in 2005, the company was listed in NASDAQ in New York as a public company. He became the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Net1 Technologies the same year. The company went on to collect several awards, grow bigger and innovate. One notable invention is the morphing as well as development of a 1:N Biometric Comparison Engine.

Serge Belamant today

He left the helm of Net1 Technologies and founded, Zilch Technology Limited. He is working at the company to come up with more blockchain-based inventions.

Serge’s technology patents

• Verification of a Transactor’s Identity-granted in 2014
• Designation of Electronic Financial Transactions-pending approval
• Method and Apparatus for controlling a gaming operation-granted in 2001
• Secure financial transactions-pending approval
• Financial transactions with a varying pin-pending approval.

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Get to Know Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos has been a figure of controversy since her appointment as Education Secretary. Her performance during the confirmation hearings was criticized, and people questioned President Trump’s confidence in her. However, since taking office, DeVos has shocked even her most severe critics. When she turns up to visit schools, people are surprised to meet a kind, caring, savvy woman.


DeVos has long been a specialist when it comes to education. Though her presence on the national stage is new, her interest in helping children has been life-long. DeVos’s Christian faith is a big part of this, and so is her role as a mother. DeVos comes from a privileged background herself, and so does her husband. As their philanthropic efforts grew, they became more and more concerned about public education. The reasons for this were simple.


Dick DeVos, Betsy’s husband, has always been proud of his time in Michigan’s public schools. He grew up in an era where people valued education and wanted the best for their kids, and it showed in the schools. The high school he attended was well-funded, the teachers were caring, and the results were great.


However, by the time Dick and Betsy were parents themselves, something had changed. They realized that working people were taking on second and even third jobs to put their children in private, Christian schools. Something had gone badly wrong in the public school system. It was becoming more and more politicized, and the results were no longer there.


The DeVoses are Christians, and giving back is a big part of their lives. Though they were proud to fund financial aid for private schools, they knew that they could never do enough. What was their private wealth compared to the budgets public schools worked with? And why were they getting away with squandering public money, and with it, children’s futures?


Betsy DeVos’s push for charter schools in Michigan has been incredibly successful. It’s been a big key in keeping traditional public schools honest. They’ve found that just as in the business world, healthy competition can work in education, too. As Betsy DeVos continues to clean up America’s school, we can expect to see similarly great results.


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Dr. Saad Saad: Initiating a Medical Mission for the Palestinians

Palestine has been in a conflict with Israel for so many years, and because of the war between the two states, the people’s health has been greatly affected.

There are only a few doctors and hospitals operating in Palestine, and people who need urgent care are being left alone to die. Thankfully, people like Dr. Saad Saad and his team are organizing an annual medical mission to provide medical care to those who are affected by the war in Palestine. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

They have been traveling to Palestine for so many times now, providing the locals with check-ups, operations, and medicines. The locals who are trapped within Palestine are thankful for those who heed their calls for the world to send doctors and other medical professionals who would look into their condition. Being a Palestinian himself, Dr. Saad Saad stated that it pains him seeing his own people suffer, and he promised that his medical mission within the territory would continue as long as he lives.

Whenever he visits Palestine to provide medical assistance to the people, he would always look for someone who deserves to be flown into the United States for further treatment. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

He wanted to check all possible options, and through his generosity, a lot of children who suffered major injuries in the war have already recovered. They are now living in the United States, and they are inspired to help other people as someone like Dr. Saad Saad showed them what compassion feels like.

Dr. Saad Saad shared that being a doctor has never crossed his mind until he was in high school. His primary dream was to be an engineer, just like his brothers, but realizing how hot it was in Kuwait made him change his decisions.

He decided to work inside the hospital because it has a free air-conditioning system and he would not be subjected to work under the scorching sun. He relayed his decision to his parents, and they gave their full support to their son. He had to fly to Egypt to pursue his medical career, and he graduated as the second best in class. His parents are proud of what he achieved and continued supporting him until he became an intern in London.

When he completed all of the requirements in becoming a doctor, he decided to apply as an immigrant to the United States. He passed the exam that he needs to take, and he started to forge a better career in the United States.

He enrolled himself in different training classes that aim to provide the trainees a new knowledge about the medical field, and he was able to apply what he learned from the training room to the hospital. Because of his contribution to the field of medicine, Dr. Saad Saad was recognized by several medical institutions, and his medical missions are lauded by the community.

Moving On From Inktomi With Alex Hern

Inktomi, Alex Hern’s first company, operated as the premier search engine for top internet browsers, such as Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL. Hern says that as an entrepreneur, he has progressed significantly since Inktomi. As far as designing elements were concerned, at its prime, Inktomi was the leading search engine. It changed the way web searches were conducted, and how search engines acquired data.

Alex Hern says that the project had opened his eyes to DARPA-funded technologies, which Hern had utilized in the conception of his search engine. These are grant-funded agency and university technology research projects, that are used to progress future advanced technologies. Most technology derived from these projects is catered towards the private sector. Hern says that the technology used for the search engine was initially supposed to be applied to missile tracking systems. Adding, that he and his team directly applied technology and the concept to the search engine. Now, instead of tracking missiles, the technology was tracking, identifying, and cataloging vast amounts of internet data. Alex Hern says, what made Inktomi unique was its adaptability. His team at the time, was incredibly technologically savvy, as the internet expanded, they were able to expand along with it.

Alex Hern says that he made a career out of this technique, inventing business ideas, acquiring funding from private equities, then acquiring the necessary technology from universities. He would then find the right research institutes and multimillion dollar corporations, interested in acquiring his product. Hern has done this very method so many times, that it is at the point where he has mastered it. His new business venture, Tsunami XR, an immersive software technology, that is being marketed as a business workflow and collaboration solution. It is safe to say that business is thriving with potential, and likely to future attract private and public investor interests.

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EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm Review

What makes EOS lip balm so successful and popular? There is a noticeable difference in this lip balm rather than traditional lip balms. It has a smooth and buttery texture due to the products that are used to create it. The EOS lip balm containers are also far different from the typical cylindrical ones. They come in tiny orb shaped containers with several different colors to choose from. The containers are unique and noticeable different from afar. This lip balm is also natural, free of additives, and many of them are also organic. One of the best parts about this lip balm is the flavors they have available. Traditional lip balms come in cherry or mint, but EOS lip balms have several different delicious flavors to choose from. Some of the flavors include: sweet mint, lemon drop with, honeysuckle honeydew, vanilla mint, medicated tangerine, blueberry acai, passion fruit, summer fruit, strawberry sorbet, coconut milk, pomegranate raspberry, and blackberry nectar.” EOS is also cruelty-free which means that no animals were harmed or tested in the making of this amazing lip balm! EOS also has different attributes for any lip occasion or problem. There is a lip balm for every occasion.

Fresh Ideas at InnovaCare Health From Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Innovative companies have innovative leaders, and InnovaCare Health has the top leaders to bring in fresh ideas so that quality of care for patients is improved while maximizing profits for healthcare providers and creating greater efficiency within the system. InnovaCare Health has an integrated approach to healthcare that focuses on physician-led care and outcome-based metrics. When physicians are in charge of the care that they provide, less time and fewer resources are spent in management. And when the focus is placed on the outcome of a patient, those patients receive higher quality care in fewer visits, keeping the amount of money that they need to spend on their healthcare down. InnovaCare Health has some great leaders implementing these basic tenets, and they have the experience and knowledge to see the vision through.

Penelope Kokkinides as Chief Administrative Officer For InnovaCare

Kokkinides started her education in classical languages and biological sciences, studying at Binghamton University. She then went on to study social work and public health, attaining two master’s degrees. She also has a post master’s degree in alcohol and substance abuse. With this education, she became equipped to understand a wide range of public health needs in conjunction with some of the factors that deter people from seeking help. She also has extensive experience working with government organizations that help provide healthcare to people who otherwise could not afford it. She has worked with several other companies, such as Touchstone Healthcare, AmeriChoice, and Aveta, serving in several leadership roles.

Rick Shinto as President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health

Shinto has a strong educational background, as well. He started his education at the University of California. He then went on to receive his medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Later, he went on to complete his M.B.A. at the University of Redlands. His career began when he was an internist and a pulmonologist in California. Later, he became interested in the management side of the industry, serving in capacities at companies like Cal Optima and Medical Pathways Management. Dr. Shinto also publishes, and he has several leadership awards to his credit, including the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare.