Oscar success for Academy of Art University

Not many may have heard about The Academy of Art University heard before, however Daniel Arriaga and his Oscar win for “Coco” may have just changed that.

The movie “Coco” has been a huge hit ever since it has been release in November 2017, and it’s all due to the vision of one man, Daniel Arriaga, who is also currently the senior director at Pixar Animation Studios, though you can’t forget that even though something may start out with the vision of one person and takes a whole lot of others to put together a movie, especially one of this caliber. With this movie Daniel Arriage was able to combine two of his passions – his culture and the love for animation, and turn in into one big hit. Not only does this movie have a beautiful story about a boy trying to achieve his dream of being a musician, but it also helps explain the Mexican holiday “El Dia de los Muertos” to those outside of the community that may not see it more as some kind of Halloween. It’s an important holiday where families celebrate those that have passed on from this life. Wanting to show the cultural significance of this holiday Arriaga and his team spend a lot of time perfecting the skeletons of the movie.

When asked by current art students Arriaga advised them to work hard and create a portfolio of their best works and what they’re proud of, while always being open minded and maybe most importantly tenacious.

Daniel Arriaga learned his craft at The Academy of Art University, which is located in beautiful San Francisco and has been there since 1929, though back then it was better known as Academy of Advertising Art.

Today it’s the biggest art and design school that’s privately owned in the Nation, with over 12,000 students and 1300 full-time and part-time teachers.

Daniel Arriaga isn’t the only successful Almuni though, others like Deanne Fitzmaurice (Pulitzer Prize) or Rick Baker (Oscar for Best Makeup) started out here as well.


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