Offers Reliable Financial Services

Is your current financial institution unstable? Would you be interested in a stabilized financial market? NexBank allows their customers to get personalized one-on-one services with a number of account options to choose from. You’re encouraged to invest in your retirement or start a business because more of your hard earned money is working for you. Their financial institute is backed with $4 billion dollars in assets to safeguard your money. You also have 0% fraud liability on all your unauthorized purchases and government backed FDIC insurance. Trust their superior services to give your money the transparency you need to invest in an unstable financial economy.

Their CEO, John Holt recommends giving your customers the opportunity to have input in the available services and features. More importantly, you can you their descriptive online features to avoid lines to cash your check or make a random deposit. You never have to worry about about navigating your account with an automated system. You have the benefit of over 12,000+ highly trained and expert professionals to help you with your new or existing account. You can register for a new account securely over the phone or through their new online financial platform.

NexBank Features & Services

– easily transfer money in between accounts

– credit counseling

– multiple device access

– downloadable app

– free checks for the life of your account

– 1.9% interest savings

– expert technicians

– IRA accounts

– mortgage accounts

– and much more…

The Habitat For Humanity in Dallas, Texas has decided to help low income families with gainful employment realize their dreams of owning a home. They’ll have lower interest rates and monthly mortgage payments. You’re invited to join the superior NexBank for more details on their unique financial opportunities for your hard earned money.

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