New EOS review with Aloe.

EOS lip balm has many great collections, this specific review is about the EOS Aloe SPF 30 lip balm ( Let’s start with ingredients, after going through every ingredient it is decided this balm is not as natural as some others from EOS, Howeve, ┬áit is still about 90% natural ingredients.

The color mix for the packaging is very fun and pretty of a sea-foam green base with a darker version of the same color striped around the lid. The lot number, name and expiration date are all included on the package. It seems with the softer EOS packaging they are very prone to scratches, and for collectors that may not be a likable trait. No problem here though because the product is way more important than the packaging.

When you open the lid you are greeted with a very nice, sweet, welcoming smell, and a beautiful shine. If you mix honey suckle and honey dew with aloe, that is what you’ll be smelling, see Allure. This particular balm is very thin which is good or bad based on personal opinion. It has a floral or perfumy after taste which is not bad at all. Price wise it is very affordable unlike some other EOS lip balms.

They were not kidding when it said water resistant, it stays on perfectly. There is a slight shine when you put on the product but It could still be a very gender neutral balm. The EOS Aloe balm reviewed was rated a 9 out of 10 it is highly recommended for everyone. It is by far one of the better EOS lip balms that have come out recently.

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