Moving On From Inktomi With Alex Hern

Inktomi, Alex Hern’s first company, operated as the premier search engine for top internet browsers, such as Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL. Hern says that as an entrepreneur, he has progressed significantly since Inktomi. As far as designing elements were concerned, at its prime, Inktomi was the leading search engine. It changed the way web searches were conducted, and how search engines acquired data.

Alex Hern says that the project had opened his eyes to DARPA-funded technologies, which Hern had utilized in the conception of his search engine. These are grant-funded agency and university technology research projects, that are used to progress future advanced technologies. Most technology derived from these projects is catered towards the private sector. Hern says that the technology used for the search engine was initially supposed to be applied to missile tracking systems. Adding, that he and his team directly applied technology and the concept to the search engine. Now, instead of tracking missiles, the technology was tracking, identifying, and cataloging vast amounts of internet data. Alex Hern says, what made Inktomi unique was its adaptability. His team at the time, was incredibly technologically savvy, as the internet expanded, they were able to expand along with it.

Alex Hern says that he made a career out of this technique, inventing business ideas, acquiring funding from private equities, then acquiring the necessary technology from universities. He would then find the right research institutes and multimillion dollar corporations, interested in acquiring his product. Hern has done this very method so many times, that it is at the point where he has mastered it. His new business venture, Tsunami XR, an immersive software technology, that is being marketed as a business workflow and collaboration solution. It is safe to say that business is thriving with potential, and likely to future attract private and public investor interests.

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