Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Stopping Joe Arpaio from Entering the Senate

Joe Arpaio was once considered as one of the toughest sheriffs in America. He is infamously known for violating the rights of the migrants and subjecting those who are caught without any documentation to harsh conditions within his tent city.

Since taking up the position as the sheriff of the Maricopa County in 1992, many undocumented migrants have experienced violations of their rights under the first amendment of the Constitution.

Joe Arpaio would put them in jail, and he will be abusing them mentally and physically. Many migrants have feared the reign of Joe Arpaio, and most of them shut their mouths off in fears that they will also experience his wrath.

The Maricopa County sheriff has repeatedly expressed his disgust with the migrants, hoping that they will be deported back to their countries someday.

He was unpopular with the migrant communities in Arizona, but Joe Arpaio does not care. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two of the most influential reporters in Phoenix back in the day when Joe Arpaio is exercising excessive power.

He considers the two as a thorn in his career and threatened them that he would be able to eliminate them someday.

Joe Arpaio, with his continued violation of the rights of the migrants, was given a memorandum by the county attorney office to stop racially profiling the migrant citizens. He did not listen to the warnings that were sent to him and continued abusing his power.

The county attorney office had enough, and they sent a warrant of arrest against Joe Arpaio. He was proven guilty of the crimes that he committed, and he was sent to jail for contempt. Unfazed, Joe Arpaio stated that he would be able to get out of the prison once Donald Trump won the presidency, and he warned his enemies about his comeback.

In November 2016, Donald Trump won the United States presidential elections, and recently, he pardoned Joe Arpaio. Joe Arpaio thanked the president for his kindness and expressed his will to run for the United States Senate.

Michael Lacey, Jim Larkin, and other groups who are supporting the migrants have criticized President Donald Trump because of his decision to pardon Joe Arpaio. They are even more disgusted when the former Maricopa County Sheriff expressed his will to become a senator.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have experienced the wickedness of Joe Arpaio in the past, wherein they were arrested from their homes and were taken inside the jail for violating the privacy of Joe Arpaio. They were accused of publishing his address online without his consent, and the issue was taken to court for them to decide the fate of the two journalists.

The local broadcasting industry of Phoenix criticized what they referred to as a violation of the freedom of speech, and rallied behind Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Later on, the judge found out that the evidence against the two are not strong enough, and set them free.

Today, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are helping migrant communities across the United States, and they vowed to do everything that they can to stop Joe Arpaio from entering the Senate.

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