Jason Hope Supports Anti-Aging Research

Jason Hope is a philanthropist who supports science research work, especially projects that have potential to improve the life of the human being. One of the topics that Jason has been supporting is anti-aging research which is being led by a non-profit organization known as SENS Research Foundation. This is organization is led by a scientist known as Aubrey de Grey.

Together with Jason, they want to bring the first anti-aging drug. This is a drug that will solve the problem associated with old age. It is common knowledge that as we get old, we suffer from old age diseases. These are diseases that have potential to change the lives of the people.

An anti-aging drug would be a great addition to making human life better. Living knowing that you have do not have to worry about old age diseases would be a great thing. According to Jason Hope, the drug that SENS Research Foundation is coming up with is meant to keep the human body strong even when they are like 80 years. Weaknesses of the body normally cause old age diseases. So, if the weakness is eliminated, he body will remain strong for many years. The old age diseases will also not have a chance to attack the body.

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Jason Hope has supported this research by donating to the organization. In 2010 after it was launched he donated $500,000. This money went to the construction of research laboratories as well as organizing annual conferences which bring together researchers who are interested in developing the drug. The conference is used as a platform for the victims to come and share information on how they can realize the goal of an anti-aging drug. Jason Hope has indicated that the research is not aimed at lengthening the lifespan of human beings although it may come as a possibility. His main reason for supporting this research is to see a drug that will eliminate old age diseases. He has continued to support the cause, and he hopes that very soon there will be a drug that will solve all the challenges facing human health.

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