How Lime Crime Has Expanded Into New Waters

Doe Deere has gotten as much as she possibly can from her American market, but she wants to do so much more for Lime Crime. In order to reach out to new markets she’s focused on trying to expand into China, but she realizes there are going to be challenges she hasn’t dealt with before. In order to help her deal with this new set of challenges she has enlisted the help of Revolve. Revolve understands what to do in China better than she does and has given her the understanding of the specific issues she will need to deal with before she is finally able to launch her products. Given the enthusiasm her fans in America have shown, we can safely assume this is going to be an extremely successful brand.

The most important thing about Deere’s brand is that she refuses to allow anyone to harm animals in any way when testing or producing her cosmetic products. This has certainly given her brand a level of authenticity others do not have, but it became an exceptional difficulty when dealing with the issues involved in producing products in China. She would need to find a way around these rules for herself and she would need to do it in a way that maintained the spirit of Lime Crime. Her approach appears to have worked and we can now see people in China buying these products and enjoying them for themselves.

Doe Deere has certainly shown she understands creativity and how to bring a brand from its birth into soaring success. Nobody disagrees tat LimeCrime is one of the most successful cosmetics lines of our time or that her brand continues to attract new interest. Her creativity has attracted a lot of people who otherwise don’t seem to be interested in cosmetics. When people see a vision they like for themselves, they latch on to it and all it offers. This is exactly what she is doing and it’s why the company continues to see such amazing success more than a decade after Doe Deere sold her first lipstick.

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