Gottlieb and Weisbrod Back Under One Roof

They were the masterminds behind two different healthcare companies and were separated for twenty years but, at long last, Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart and Weisbrod will finally be sharing a building once again. The two first co-founded a company known as Merlin Biomed Group in 1998 and, for almost a decade, it served as an investment management company dedicated to improving the healthcare sector and preventing people from going into debt because of unpaid medical bills.

Gottlieb served as the portfolio manager for the company and, despite their many years of success and prosperity, the company eventually ended up closing its doors back in 2007 at which point the two promptly parted ways. Gottlieb and Weisbrod would eventually go on to found separate companies as Weisbrod became the founder and CEO of Iguana Healthcare Partners whilst Gottlieb launched Visium Asset Management back in 2008. Of course, this was around the time of the stock market crash but, fortunately, Gottlieb managed to pull through and transform the company into an 8 billion dollar hedge fund with over 200 dedicated employees and offices in numerous major cities throughout the world such as NYC, San Francisco, and London.

Of course, all that success was eventually brought to an abrupt end after a whistleblower revealed there had been insider trading and mismarking occurring throughout the company for over two years now. Gottlieb himself was never actually charged with any crimes and the company never conceded to any malfeasance but, nevertheless, he did consent to pay out $10 million in reparations. Now that the two will be working together once more, it promises to be a fresh start for both businessmen as they seek to rebuild and begin a new project. It promises to offer some exciting prospects for the future of the healthcare industry.

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