Get to Know Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos has been a figure of controversy since her appointment as Education Secretary. Her performance during the confirmation hearings was criticized, and people questioned President Trump’s confidence in her. However, since taking office, DeVos has shocked even her most severe critics. When she turns up to visit schools, people are surprised to meet a kind, caring, savvy woman.


DeVos has long been a specialist when it comes to education. Though her presence on the national stage is new, her interest in helping children has been life-long. DeVos’s Christian faith is a big part of this, and so is her role as a mother. DeVos comes from a privileged background herself, and so does her husband. As their philanthropic efforts grew, they became more and more concerned about public education. The reasons for this were simple.


Dick DeVos, Betsy’s husband, has always been proud of his time in Michigan’s public schools. He grew up in an era where people valued education and wanted the best for their kids, and it showed in the schools. The high school he attended was well-funded, the teachers were caring, and the results were great.


However, by the time Dick and Betsy were parents themselves, something had changed. They realized that working people were taking on second and even third jobs to put their children in private, Christian schools. Something had gone badly wrong in the public school system. It was becoming more and more politicized, and the results were no longer there.


The DeVoses are Christians, and giving back is a big part of their lives. Though they were proud to fund financial aid for private schools, they knew that they could never do enough. What was their private wealth compared to the budgets public schools worked with? And why were they getting away with squandering public money, and with it, children’s futures?


Betsy DeVos’s push for charter schools in Michigan has been incredibly successful. It’s been a big key in keeping traditional public schools honest. They’ve found that just as in the business world, healthy competition can work in education, too. As Betsy DeVos continues to clean up America’s school, we can expect to see similarly great results.


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