Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry was born and brought up in London, United Kingdom. He studied actuarial mathematics at the University of Edinburg and graduated in 2000. After graduation, Gareth Henry worked for a firm known as Schroder’s which a global investment firm was. Follow

He worked for the firm for a few years then moved to the United States in 2007 where he began working for Fortress Investment Group and was the acting managing director for the Company. He had many roles in the company, some of which included overseeing marketing for the company in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Moreover, he was in charge of managing the company’s wealth and pension funds.

Gareth Henry began working for Investor Relations at Fortress Liquid Markets in 2016 under the position of the global head. The company is in charge of raising capital between other firms in the world and itself. He is responsible for the sales team in the company that was in charge of global marketing and used the skills he learned form position as marketing head to help in the growth of Investor Relations in the company.

Gareth Henry’s background in mathematical training and industrial experience has had quite a significant impact in his career around the alternative assets industry. It was seen when he raised substantial capital for Fortress Group’s hedge funds, private equity, and private credit.

His education in actuaries has helped him understand the sometimes complicated situations in investment. In the later years of his tenure as the global head in Investor Relations at Fortress, he managed the company’s $4 billion hedge fund business which was a success.

After leaving Fortress Investment group, Gareth worked for some investment management companies that were based in the United States which helped him gain a lot of experience in the dynamic private credit sector. Moreover, his hard work alongside work ethic has contributed in his efforts of creating awareness of significant funds which he has helped raise towards the private credit sector industry.

At an interview, Gareth King highlighted that over the years in his career, even when everything else was changing and needed adapting to, keeping your customers’ need as a top priority has remained constant. Visit

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