Financial Expert and Meat Leader- Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group has a humble beginning, it was established in 1909 by Otto and his sons after his migration from German to the United States. A business which started as a butcher shop has now expanded to become one of the global food firms with 65 locations and partners all over the world. OSI Group has had incredible leaders who are committed to see the expansion of the organization. One of the leaders includes Sheldon Lavin who is the Chief Executive Officer of the food firm. In 1970’s OSI Group was going through a rough financial crisis which forced them to seek financial assistance from an expert.

Sheldon Lavin stepped in as a financial advisor for OSI, and he was responsible for steering the growth of the company and also the acquisition of funds. Mr. Sheldon continues to get involved in the food organization’s affairs beyond financial advice. Sheldon Lavin helped OSI Group to find business overseas and other investments. After the retirement of the founder; Otto, Mr. Sheldon agreed to partner with Otto sons and that is when the organization changed their name from Otto&Sons to OSI Industries. As a partner, Sheldon was responsible to help OSI look for a market outside Illinois. Their market expanded to other regions including South Africa, Europe, Japan, North America, Australia, Asia, and the Philippines. Sheldon played a very important role in changing the face of the food industry and even expanding the business to other regions, and this gave him an opportunity to lead the company.

Sheldon Lavin has the experience of managing large chains, and he does not attribute the success of the company for himself, instead, he has been working together with a team of like-minded individuals who have helped him accomplish a lot for OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin has vast experience in business, and he knows to track business factors among them technological changes, shortage in resources, and consumer preferences that ensure that their food firm remains as a leader in the food sector. Sheldon is considered an extraordinary leader who has managed to own and also operate one of the largest food company not only in the United States of America but also the world.

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