EOS Continues to Meet the Needs of Today’s Consumers with Their Medicated Lip Balm

EOS has become known for their unorthodox approach to lip balm. In keeping with their reputation for delivering products that meet the needs of today’s consumer, they created a type of lip balm designed to heal lips with the soothing properties of menthol. They chose to name this medicated balm Cooling Chamomile, because of the unique combination of menthol and chamomile it contains. While the menthol helps relieve the pain of sore lips, the extract of chamomile helps hydrate as well as reduce the inflammation associated with dry, chapped lips. Chamomile has also been shown to contain beneficial antioxidants. Other beneficial ingredients found in the Cooling Chamomile balm include vitamin E, jojoba oil and natural Shea butter.

Evolution of Smooth has several different lines of lip balms designed to address the different issues consumers might have. In addition to the Cooling Chamomile found in their line of medicated balms, this company also has a moisturizing line known as their Visibly Soft lip balms. Available in flavors such as Honey Apple and Vanilla Mint, these balms are enriched with natural cocoa butter, jojoba extract and coconut oil. They provide a deep hydrating effect to help soften dry lips.

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The team behind EOS conducted extensive research into what type of products would appeal to today’s consumer before they ever decided to create their new balms. Based on the information they obtained through survey panels, they decided to create balms that were sensory appealing as well as Eco-friendly. The result was a line of pastel colored balms containing natural plant extracts. As a company focused on customer satisfaction, they also offer their customers a full line of delicious balms made from ingredients harvested from sustainable sources. Certified as 100 percent organic, this line contains flavors such as Summer Fruit, Pomegranate Raspberry and Vanilla Bean.

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