Enhancing Services through the NuoDB Cloud Technology

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NuoBD is a database firm that was co-founded in 2008 by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey. It was established as Nimbus DB and was renamed NuoDB in 2011. Morris served as the firm’s founding CEO and in July 2015, became the Executive Chairman of the company, leaving the CEO position to Bob Walmsley, the previous Vice President of Sales and Services. Currently, the firm has eighty-five employees.

NuoDB’s Technology
NuoDB is an elastic, SQL complaint database for cloud applications. The database runs faster when a new server is added to scale-out it out because it has a distributed object architecture which operates in the cloud. To avoid data bottlenecks, the database distributes tasks among several processors. In addition, the NuoDB cloud database utilizes peer-to-peer messaging in routing tasks to nodes and the databases can be expanded by adding more servers instead of simply replacing the hardware as in the case of other database systems. The firm’s technology is applied in UAE Exchange system, Dassault Systems, Alfa Systems, and Kodiak.

Recognition and Awards
The leading IT research and advisory organization in the world, Gartner Magic Quadrant, recognized NuoDB as a significant player in its Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems in 2013, and two years later, it listed the firm as a Visionary in the same. In 2014, NuoDB was named one of the Innovation All Stars by the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech.

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