Looking To The Future – Securus Technologies

The people of the country need to be concerned about public safety. It affects all of us. We need to know that we have a leader in the public safety field like Securus Technologies. Their clients are in the US. For the excellent work they do, they are also known all over the world.


Their most notable client is the United States government. The company deals with them regularly by being in contact with over 1,000,000 incarcerated people over a year’s time. They have all kinds of ways that they deal with them. Some of the ways are through investigations, interviews and videos. Since there is such a need for controlling the population, Securus Technologies comes up with new ways every week.


Their clients are pleased with how Securus Technologies works. They have written to them numerous times to let them know how things have improved at their correction facilities. The company decided to make these public, and they published them.


They also extended an invitation to visit their plant. It is in TX. The people that attended were given a tour, presentation and question and answer session. It proved to be enlightening experience for the public.


Securus Technologies has a professional and dedicated staff. They are equipped with the necessary knowledge to carry out the most difficult tasks. With their abilities, the company will continue to lead the field, and they strive to make the world a better place in every way that they can.


Accusations put to Rest

GTL has recently accused Securus Technologies losing patent rights on their products. The story has broke online through a different media sources, and has resulted in Securus meeting scrutiny from different businesses Across the Nation. The reports indicate that Securus no longer has valid patents on a number of their software and hardware products, and that due to these expiration their products are open for public use. Recently online, these accusations have been proven to not be true. Due to research done by security personnel, as well as a number of other Corporation to look into the issue, it has been verified that GTL is incorrect in your assumptions that these patents are no longer valid.


Securus Technologies is an information technology corporation that focuses on providing excellent customer service and products to customers who currently are serving time within the American penal system. These products include software that are devoted to offering excellent security, communications, and project management resources. To currently incarcerated individuals Securus products could mean the difference between whether they have to physically wait to see their loved ones for visitation purposes or if they can directly contact them through digital means. Watch more on youtube.com.


Thanks to the resolution on these patent inaccuracies, Securus can continue business as normal. More positive news stories regarding the company include the fact that 11 of their field technicians have received very high levels of certification in order to meet their customer needs more efficiently. Instead of focusing on shortcomings there should be more focus on positive aspects, such as the fact that the company itself has a lot of humanitarian aspects, defining it as a corporation that truly cares about its customer base.


Philanthropic Act by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies was established thirty years ago in Texas. Since then, this firm has continuously provided cutting edge technological solutions for investigations, public safety and monitoring of both civil and criminal justice. . Inmates will be allowed to make one free call daily to enable them stay in good contact with friends and family. This free calling program is expected to last through September 7th this year.



Why Securus Took This Move



According to Rick Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, this firm is dedicated to ensuring inmates connect with their families at all times. Additionally, at this time of tragedy, it is important for inmates to communicate frequently with their loved ones in case of emergencies. The Louisiana flooding is so severe and significant thus calling for the need of communication to help reduce cases of stress and anxiety among the inmates and their families. The free calls to be offered by Securus Technologies will amount to over $300,000 million. Additionally, Securus is looking forward to making a cash contribution to Louisiana Welfare Department. The contribution to be made approximates to $50,000 and this cash is contributed to give further assistance to the inmates.



The Louisiana Department of Correction and Securus Technologies will activate this feature through September 7th to ensure inmates make free calls on the phones provided. In the next one week, Securus estimates the number of free calls to over $250000.






Securus Technologies serves over 3450 law enforcement, correction and public safety agencies across North America. This firm is committed to connecting inmates with their loved ones through emergency responses, public information and incident management among others. Securus Technologies works with an end goal of making the world a better and safer place to live.


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Talk Fusion was recently featured in PRNewswire for its launch of a new WebRTC recorder. This new innovation will assist with even faster communications for customers of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is excited about this new development because it will enable real-time communications from a web browser and the recording of top quality videos for email. This technology is best suited for Firefox or Chrome browsers right now. With this new development, Talk Fusion customers can enjoy instant recording and synchronization. In terms of implementing this type of cutting edge technology with their video recording products, Talk Fusion is a leader in the industry. In rolling out this new offering, Talk Fusion is promoting a free 30 day trial of their video recording and sending service. Sign up is available on Talk Fusion’s website, and there is no credit card information required for the initial trial of the product.

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