The Traveling Vineyard – A Great Way To Build An Income

There seems to be so many work-at-ome types of opportunities that it boggles the mind as to which are legitimate and which are just a waste of time. An opportunity that seems to be the real thing is The Traveling Vineyard.

With this program you offer people the opportunity to hold wine tasting parties in their home with the understanding that they will receive a few bottles of really good wine for their trouble. They invite friends and family, and you, as the Wine Guide, as the representative is called with the Traveling Vineyard lead them through the tasting of various proprietary wines along with explanations in regard to parings and sommology which is the process of matching the right wine with the right food.

It is easy to get started with the Traveling Vineyard, as it only requires a startup cost of $174 which includes all that you need to get going. Called the Success Kit, the packet contains everything from wine glasses, openers, decanters, brochures, order forms, carrying bags, materials for marketing and two wine kits, so that two tasting parties can be hosted. The average sales at the parties range from $400 to $500, so there are potential earnings right off the bat.

Commissions vary from 15 to 35 percent, depending on your level in the business. Wine Guides can make money several different ways. First of all there are the home tasting parties, such as was just mentioned. There are also online sales, from a personalized website that comes free for the first three months, and then only costs $15.95 per month. Then there is the Wine Club where customers can get discounted prices on wines and accessories. Finally, you can build a team where you receive overrides on the production of people in your group.

As one Wine Guide put it, the business costs less than $200 to get started and all of the necessary knowledge equipment is furnished at the outset. All that has to be done is do what is suggested, reinvest, and keep the profits. She reasoned that since there are only about 1,200 Wine Guides in the US, that this is a great opportunity.

The Traveling Vineyard is good opportunity because Americans ordinarily drink lots of wine. For instance, in 2013 over 892 million gallons of wine were consumed, according to the Wine Institute. Since wine is a consumable item, it stands to reason that there will be repeat orders, and there are!

If you are looking for an opportunity to make some extra money, this could be a good option. People do like to get together for a good cause, and what better cause could there be than to taste and sample some good wine, and learn all about proper wine pairing as well?

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