Talkspace Team Gives Advice to Couples

Talkspace is an online therapy that is meant to reach people and offer services to them at the comfort of their homes. Just like physical therapy, Talkspace therapy offers all the services but with secrecy attached to it. Clients who opt to use Talkspace are more confident in opening up as they are not physically at the clinics.

At Talkspace, different types of therapies are offered. These therapies target all age groups. They range from teen therapy to marriage therapy. Each client is assigned to a therapist whom they walk with throughout the healing process.

Therapists at Talkspace are highly qualified and adhere to the secrecy that is mandatory in their line of work. They give their clients a chance to choose between video calls or just calls during the session. This way, the clients don’t feel exposed or as if their privacy is invaded. Check out to read more about Talkspace reviews.

On relationships, Talkspace therapists advice that a person should always lower their ego, and not blame each other. It advised that owing to the mistakes that one commits is not a crime as human beings are bound to make mistakes from time to time.

Therapists at Talkspace go ahead to suggest that it is always wise if couples collaborated in their daily task. This way, they will have an obligation to be others keeper, foregoing all that doesn’t matter to them. They go ahead and advice couples that intend to cohabit to always weigh the advice given to them by other couples. That way, they can choose what works best for them.

Talkspace team believes that couples, who have goals and work towards achieving it, always stick together and have the same mind. Such couples always ensure that they talk about their fears, their joys and the small progress that they make and as a result, their relationship grows healthier and stronger.

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Talkspace is Shattering the Mental Health Sitgma

Mental Health is a major issue in the United States today, and while the dialogue surrounding it is improving, there is still much work to be done. According to some recent estimates, some 40 million Americans may suffer from some sort of mental illness – or about one in seven people. Those suffering often are got seeking the care they need because there is still a stigma that is associated with mental health care. Enter Talkspace Reviews, a text therapy app and mental health company seeking to change the way people get help with issues they may have.

Recently, Talkspace and Olympic Champion Michael Phelps announced a new strategic partnership whereby Phelps would both join the company’s board of directors as well as appear in several TV advertisements. Mr. Phelps will bring a famous name and face to the company’s already impressive range of services including text, web, and video therapy sessions. Because Phelps also alludes to having mental health issues of his own, he serves to help break the stigma around seeking help when needed. Check out to read more reviews on talkspace.

However, the company provides more than just access to trained and compassionate therapists remotely. Talkspace also provides an open to the public blog that covers topics ranging from current events to life advice and such topics as personality tests. Talkspace is also seeking to further the cause of improving treatment for mental health by seeking to offer prescription medications to those who may need them. Specifically for anxiety and depression, Neil Leibowitz who formerly served as senior medical director for UnitedHealth was recently named the company’s first Chief Medical Officer.

Talkspace is an e-therapy service that provides anyone the access to mental health professionals and counselors to discuss problems they may be facing their life. With approximately 20% of Americans facing a mental health issue, Talkspace is more important than ever before. If you feel like you need someone to talk to in a private and confidential manner, Talkspace may be for you. Read more:

Roseann Bennett LMFT And Mental Health Awareness

Marriage is a partnership between two people. This union is ever changing, as we, human beings, are always changing and evolving. But sometimes, one person in a seemingly happy marriage suffers from depression. Depression can be caused by a specific event, or events, chemical imbalance or hereditary. It is an obstacle that needs to be recognized, addressed and treated. Roseann Bennett has had over a decade of experience working with depression and the effects it can have on a relationship.


Roseann Bennett has received her M.S. from Seton Hall University in marriage and family therapy. Bennett also earned her Post Master’s from the Reach Institute specializing in cognitive behavior therapy. Bennett is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, along with a Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional.


Roseann is the Co-Founder of the Center for Treatment and Assessment located in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Bennett and her partner, Dr. Todd Bennett are committed to helping couples and families regardless of their income or insurance. Roseann Bennett is very passionate about her work using her skills and giving her services to people who might not be able to receive excellent care elsewhere due to their financial situation.


Depression affects approximately 15 million adults living in the United States alone. Is is one of the reasons so many marriages end in divorce. It is very confusing for one partner in a relationship to feel happy and content while the other partner is extremely sad, experiencing moods swings, eating irregularities, social fears and the need to isolate themselves. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy


It is difficult to come to the diagnosis of depression, as it is very hard to see that a person is depressed if you are very closely intertwined with them on a regular basis. This is an area that Roseann has had success working in, helping come up with the proper diagnosis and an effective treatment plan. See This Page for related information.


May is mental health awareness month, and Roseann is hoping to enlighten us as to the overwhelming negative impacts of depression on all walks of life, and to let us know that there is help, and treatment can be successful.


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