Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin Become “The Brown Agency”

Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin have joined forces to become “The Brown Agency.” Justin Brown bought the Austin-based company, Heyman Talent, with a vision for big change. He is the CEO of Wilhelmina Austin. By joining two of the largest talent agencies in the country, they can offer upcoming stars a chance like never before.

Wilhelmina Austin is one of the most respected agencies in the central part of the state. For more than three years, Heyman Talent-South has been building and recruiting people from all over the area. Putting these two dynamic companies together gives clients the experience of a broader portfolio and talent that spans across the globe.

Though the agency is based out of Austin, they will also have a presence in the Los Angeles market too. Brown will be the head of the company. His experience at Wilhelmina Austin as CEO gives him the knowledge he needs, to be the president of the Brown Agency. For the theatrical division, Michael B. Bonnée will be in charge to ensure that they are a full-service agency meeting all the needs of the people.

Their growth strategy is to serve their clients and grow beyond their current status. They are beginning to forge out into a larger market, which will allow them to deliver a more professional and dependable talent pool. They can do so much more on a larger scale. Bonnée is thrilled about becoming a part of the agency. Using their combined talent, he is sure that they will be successful in their endeavor. The formal celebration was held in December as fans and students prepared for the new and exciting changes.

According to Market Wired, there is a breadth of talent options as well as some exposure to some of the world’s largest brands. Brown has done work with companies like Toyota, Dell, Louis Vuitton, and L’Oréal, just to name a few. He has also worked with thousands of other companies around the world. They serve and educate models and actors in all areas. They work with film, TV, videos, voice-over work, catalog, runway and fashion modeling, as well as promotional and corporate events.

Every Thursday from 3-4 pm, they have open auditions. They allow upcoming actors and actresses as well as models to gather for interviews. They ask that all applicants bring some photo shoots along with their resume. There is no need for professional photos, just any shots will do. Current projects include Ram trucks, Landshark Beer, Bing and Bright House. Their needs and positions change daily, so they pull from their pool of talent to fill these exciting opportunities.

Having an agency like this, in Austin, is exactly what it takes to bridge the divide between the great state of Texas and California. Local talent finally has a way to bust into stardom close to home.

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