Dr. Jennifer Walden And Instagram Postings

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a medical professional who has a practice that specializes in cosmetic surgery. She’s also highly active on social media. She has an in-depth account on Instagram that she updates on a frequent basis. She has a sizable following as well. Well over 250,000 people on Instagram are on her list of followers. Dr. Walden is the owner of two different medical spas. One is located in New York, New York. The other is thousands and thousands of miles away in Austin, Texas. She’s more than just the owner of these spas as well. She’s also the person who runs things for both of them. Although Dr. Walden is a best plastic surgeon who has a lot on her plate, she’s simultaneously a caring family woman. She’s a mother who has two young sons. They’re twins.

People who take the time to look at Dr. Walden’s Instagram account can get a comprehensive glimpse into her day-to-day life. She posts candid shots of her existence with great regularity. She likes to post snapshots that involve hanging out with her beloved youngsters. This medical professional does a lot of things with her family members all of the time. She visits the park with them regularly. She often dines out with them at restaurants of all kinds, too. People who are familiar with Dr. Walden’s Instagram account can find out how she celebrates birthdays each year.

Dr. Walden likes to do a lot of traveling. Global travel interests her as well. She not long ago traveled all the way to the Scandinavian nation of Denmark with her sons. The trip abroad was a nice combination of work and pleasure. Dr. Walden likes giving the people who appreciate her career the opportunity to enjoy all of the sights and sounds she sees. She captured images of holiday decorations while waiting at the airport in Copenhagen. Her Instagram post depicted a festive Christmas tree that was chock-full of bright ornaments. The tree featured a number of shiny red balls as well. Dr. Walden even posted a photograph of her son relaxing during the flight.

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Services Offered By Dr Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. is Dallas plastic surgeon and among the best in that city. He is known internationally for his expertise in plastic surgery. The surgeon offers various plastic surgery services as discussed below.


Rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nose. This surgical procedure changes the appearance, shape and the role of the nose. Rhinoplasty focuses on various features of the nose and its structures, including the nose tip, reduction of the dorsal hump and breathing problems. The doctor performs open and closed rhinoplasty. He prefers the open rhinoplasty since it offers a straightforward view and access to the basic nasal structures.


The plastic surgeon performs the modern face-lift to rectify the aging facial features. The modern face-lift is conducted utilizing lift and fill approaches that are advanced and personalized. The methods include lifting the face’s deeper layers and filling the cheek’s central area. He examines different features of patients and then evaluates the overall objective with the patient, before undertaking the surgery. This enables his patient to agree with him. Also, he personalizes the lift for each of the patient, because of the uniqueness of each circumstance.

Breast surgery

Breast growth and lift surgery help to improve the size, evenness, shape and aids in balancing the body proportions. The doctor closely works with his patients to offer a broad selection of the shapes and materials of breast implants, incision areas and options of implant placement that work best. These include utilization of saline and silicone gel breast implants, with prepectoral or subpectoral placements, and various possibilities for incision minimization.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty refers to correcting the surgery previously performed on a patient. As a result of the previous surgery and the delicate nasal structures, revision rhinoplasty is among the most difficult procedure performed by the surgeons.

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