Rodrigo Terpins to Win and More

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Is It Rodrgio Terpins, or Is It Horazo Urtiy? You Decide!

Yes, yes, we know: It has been a long-standing battle of the centuries for almost four decades now, a fight that never seems to stop. Yet all good things must come to their rightful end – sooner or later, anyways. Guess what? Maybe YOU can be the driving force that makes such a change happen and ALL FOR THE BETTER! All you must do is post your thoughts in the Comments Box below and share who you think, after all, is truly the better driver – all things considered.

The Magical Trophy is only meant for one in the end, right? The Brasil Super Series might have a small say in the matter, but YOU have the final word. You want to know why? It’s because YOU are the audience: YOU are the consumer, so make your voice heard, and perhaps – with enough influence – could consider your ideas for the next rally.


Terpins’s Top Ten Retro Horror Games of All Time! Must-Haves for Any Experienced Gamer or Newbie Alike!”

You’ve waited for it, and Rodrigo Terpins hates to disappoint, so here they are, in order from best to absolute best –the best “dark retro” games of all time, for true hardcore fans. Let these 10 blow you away. You won’t regret the late nights or caffeine binges. It’s all a matter of personal gamer’s opinion, of course, but the following list is certainly agreed upon by many, so here it goes:

  1. Resident Evil 4 for the Nintendo GameCube
  2. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem for the Nintendo GameCube
  3. Silent Hill 2 for the PS2
  4. System Shock 2 for the PC
  5. Dino Crisis for the PlayStation
  6. Parasite Eve for the PlayStation
  7. Resident Evil for the PlayStation
  8. Splatterhouse 3 for the Sega Genesis
  9. Doom for the PC
  10. Alone in the Dark for the PC