JD com. – The Future We Already Live In

Can you find the connection between e-commerce and the drones? That connection is big and existing, especially if you keep in mind two magnates of the electronic industry. One of them is JD.com – China’s largest electronic retail chain JD.com and the other one is Rakuten – a Japanese leading e-commerce innovation company. These two companies have merged their skills in order to make a revolution in delivery solutions market. The companies have recently signed an agreement that includes JD.com’s drones and delivery solutions by Japanese Rakuten.

The new line of Rakuten’s unmanned delivery services is considering the work of both companies. This line will be designed in order to suit different situations and different customers.

The First Attempt

The first flight attempt of the Rakuten Dron Delivery Service was made in 2016. Afterward, both companies gained precious experience in providing services. In the past, both enterprises tried to establish cooperation with various partners, including the local authorities. In 2018 they took a major step toward solving logistic problems in Japan. Namely, this was the first time they have tested autonomous robots for delivery and unmanned aircraft.

Both companies showed their satisfaction and business enthusiasm from the very beginning.

Rakuten’s management claim JD.com is an advanced delivery network in China. This company does not hide its pleasure in choosing JD.com as a strategic partner in the race for primacy in this market.

The joint attitude of both companies relates to successful cooperation in the field of the innovation of unmanned aircraft, as well as the rapid progress of the logistics sector in Japan.

Technological step into the future

The two Asian giants collaboration attracted attention not only of the market in Asia but also in the rest of the world. Let’s just recall…JD.com was already well-known for its unmanned aircraft development. This developing program began in 2015 when the first commercial deliveries in rural parts of China began. Up to this moment, JD.com performs drone flights in many Chinese provinces. Their drones already have more than 400,000 minutes of flight. And let’s not forget – this company is still spreading over the markets in Asia.

Recently, the company has presented to the public the successfully driven the first test flight, which approved by the Indonesian government. Indonesia was the first country opened for the ideas and further operations of JD.com in Southeast Asia.

President of JD com. claimed the fact that this company has been using this technology for over two years, and, as he said – they are now ready for further innovations within the logistics industry.

Ever asked yourself what does the future looks like? Take a look at the Asian tech-market, and you’ll know.

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Learning How To Blast Through the To-do List With Upwork

People who may struggle with getting things done in their lives may have heard that they have to make a list and get organized. However, even when it comes to making a list, there might be other struggles to getting through that to-do list. One thing that can make a difference between a hard to-do list and an easy to-do list is writing everything down. In this fast paced world of stress, it can be easy to forget certain things. Fortunately, writing things down and then keeping the information safe is one way to make sure that every task for the day is remembered.

Another struggle that Upwork talks about when it comes to making a to-do list is how many different places a list is. One of the worst things an individual can do is make an incomplete list on paper, then make other incomplete lists in different places. This can cause the individual to have to look in different places in order to know everything that they have to do for the day. A better idea is to keep everything in one place. As a matter of fact, this is the one and only idea that makes sense when it comes to a to-do list.

Another thing that Upwork suggests is prioritizing. Sometimes, a task that is on the to-do list might be very important and time consuming to the point that one might not be able to get to the other tasks before the day is over. This is where prioritizing comes in. It is important to decide what is more important to get done. In many cases, the time consuming task is something that is very urgent. Therefore, it is a good idea to get that out of the way so that it does not become a bigger problem somewhere down the line.