An Overview of Clayton Hutson’s Live Event Management Company

Clayton Hutson is the intellect behind many well-organized and successful live events. His company has managed and organized Kid Rock’s tours, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s concerts, and other illustrious corporate events.

An Overview of Clayton Hutson’s Company

Clayton Hutson’s company works with a team of technicians who specialize in stage management, sound engineering, logistics, and production design. Moreover, the team focuses on show production, rigging, and monitor engineering. These services are essential for any fruitful live event or concert.

What Sets Clayton Hutson’s Company on the Music Industry’s Top Spot?

Hutson’s company uses the state of the art equipment in rigging, sound production, stage lighting, and production design. Hutson says that his company is always hunting for new solutions that could improve the outcome of any live event.

  • Hutson’s company works with a dedicated team of technicians

Different from the ordinary live event managers, Hutson works with a team of dedicated technicians who ensure that everything works well in front of their clients’ fans. The team guides clients through the intricate process of planning, budgeting, as well as onsite execution.

Who is Clayton Hutson?

Hutson is a trained sound and stage designer. He resides in Nashville, Tennessee, the leading epicenter of the United States’ live events industry. The expert enjoys managing rock music live concerts.

Before establishing his company, Hutson was a jack of all trades. He worked as a logistics manager in charge of ferrying equipment to the event’s site, and sometimes he spent his time publicizing the companies he served.

He launched his company after his former employer started struggling financially. In less than two decades, Hutson’s live event management company has grown to be the largest live event service provider in the United States.

How has he managed to defend the industry’s top spot?

Hutson confides that he defends the live event industry’s top position by working hard to meet his client’s expectations. Furthermore, the expert double-checks every system to ascertain that it won’t let down his clients during the live event. These are the primary reasons why he has won the trust of many clients.

Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries Exposes Crisis In America

Doug Levitt’s travels have taken him to all parts of the United States. The journalist, singer, songwriter documented his 100,000 mile journey in the series “Greyhound Diaries.”

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The project is modeled after the 1930s depression-era WPA, where journalists and photographers captured pictures and tales from struggling families looking to get away from the dust bowl and poverty. His initiative also shows the plight of people in crisis. He has more than 10,000 photos in his travel collection. He also composed and sang all of the recordings on the program.

Doug Levitt has performed a Broadway act chronicling his travels and released an EP.

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