Jeff Aronin Paragon Industries Helps Provide Solutions For Untreated Diseases

One of the biggest problems in the pharmaceutical industry is getting medicines approved. Many companies come up with ideas, but the failure rate is high. Paragon Industries is an investment firm that helps biotechnology industries grow and develop. It is located in Chicago.

Jeff Aronin is head of this company. They focus on the need for medications for a disease, research for the product, and delivering a treatment for this need. Their company has a good track record for getting medications approved. Thus far, they have 13 new drugs approved by the FDA.

When the company identifies an illness without an effective treatment, they try to address the problem. They strive to understand the disease, and what treatment can help. When they understand this need, they find a way to bring the treatments to patients. The company creates solutions for diseases where the demand for a treatment is highest, and they are experts at attracting investors (

Two U.S. companies that Paragon Industries works with is Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, and Harmony Biosciences. In the next few years, they plan to bring new medications to treat disease in the U.S. Many of the diseases they target for treatments have no other available. Often, they will be the first and only treatment provided for the disease.

Jeff’s Castle Creek is focusing on medicines that treat rare skin conditions. One of these diseases causes the skin to tear and blister in children easily. Harmony Biosciences is working on solutions for central nervous system disorders. These diseases interrupt the sleeping and waking cycles causing daytime tiredness.

Jeff began the company to fund companies that could make medicines and treatments for chronic diseases that lacked solutions. There are over 6,000 diseases that do not have treatments.

Paragon Industries provides the companies that it works with cutting-edge technology, clinical experts, and top-notch investors. Their companies participate in clinical trials and meet with medical professionals. They aim to provide faster solutions for patients’ diseases than the bigger pharma companies.