Sussexn Healthcare Receives Outstanding Rating

In November 2018, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare was inspected by the Care Quality Commission, specifically East Surrey Hospital. This facility primarily serves those living in the east Surrey, South Croydon and north-east West Sussex areas. The hospital provides the primary services of surgery, medical care, maternity services, urgent and emergency care and outpatient care. All of these areas were inspected in terms of quality of service. This was the facilities first inspection since May of 2014. At that time, Sussex Healthcare received a rating of “good”, but some areas had a lower rating, especially outpatient services which was reported as needing improvement. After this inspection, improvement methods were put into place throughout the organization.

Sussex Healthcare implemented a continuous improvement effort and specifically focused on the feedback from the 2014 inspection. Credit for the improvements in the latest inspection was given to all of the employees for their dedication and hard work during this focus on improvement. Michael Wilson, chie executive officer for Surrey and Sussex Healthcare commented that the employee’s hard work and dedication made a real difference in terms of providing the best patient care possible.

This effort and commitment by all Sussex Healthcare staff resulted in much improved results at their latest 2018 inspection, again at East Surrey Hospital. After looking at the five core areas of service, and also assessing the organization’s management and leadership, an improved rating was given by inspectors. The highest possible rating of outstanding was given to the organization for being well-led, responsive and caring. A good rating was given to the hospital for being safe and effective. The organization received an overall rating of outstanding. This is the highest rating that can be given. There are only eight other organizations in England that have earned this outstanding rating. Through a continuous improvement effort, the hospital will continue to provide outstanding services for all patients.

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Imran Haque’s Knowledge and Experience in Internal Medicine

Doctor Imran Haque is one of the prominent medical doctors in North Carolina in the US. In fact, he has grown into one of the renowned internal medicine experts at his Ramseur and Asheboro offices. Additionally, Imran Haque holds more than 15 years of experience in the medical field, which enables him to provide a broad range of medical services.


Imran Haque ventured into the medical field after graduating from Universidad Iberoamerican with a medical degree in 1998. Later on, he joined the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program for his training. At the university, Doctor Imran Haque focused mainly on internal medicine. After culminating his training, he got a license to practice medicine in the state of North Carolina.


Services Offered


Doctor Imran Haque provides specialized and professional services at the Horizontal Internal Medicine, where he undertakes the treatment of internal medicine complications and illnesses. 360 resurfacing is one of the delicate treatments offered by the medical facility. It is a laser treatment that focuses on enhancing the skin texture and tone or tightening the skin. Furthermore, the procedure is used to treat skin conditions on the face, chest and neck.


Aside from the skin, Imran offers solutions on how to deal with overweight problems. In fact, he is knowledgeable on cosmetic procedures to enhance the body, weight management treatments and can offer a nutritional package for those struggling with body weight issues. Furthermore, Imran Haque provides laser hair removal services at his practice. This procedure allows the residents of North Carolina to get rid of hair from specific areas.




If the reviews made by most of Imran’s patients are anything to go by, then he is a master of his craft. Through his many years of experience, Imran has learned the importance of human interactions. As such, he maintains a professional connection with each client.