Vijay Eswaran is Making Great Strides Forward With The QI Group

The executive chairman and co-founder of the QI Group is Vijay Eswaran. The QI group is currently headquartered in Hong Kong. Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman who was born on October 7, 1960 in Penang. Vijay attended London School of Economics in 1984 and graduated with a degree in socio-economics. Vijay later moved to the United States and attended Southern Illinois University where he graduated with an MBA. Vijay Eswaran is not just a businessman he is also an author and business speaker. The last book that he published was in 2016 and it was called Two Minutes From The Abyss.

Vijay has received multiple awards throughout his career. He has been awarded the International Leader in Global Business and the Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship. The most impressive of all his accolades was that he received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Regional Philanthropy. He received this award because he consistently gives back to his home country of Asia. He has received many more awards outside of these three the list can literally go on and on. Vijay Eswaran has been involved in movements such as child mentoring, youth development, and woman empowerment.

Vijay Eswaran was asked in an interview where did he get the idea for his company QI group. He stated that he always wanted and had the idea to get into network marketing when he was back in college. Once he did his first network marketing presentation and it was a success he instantly fell in love with the concept and that’s when QI group was born. Another factor that made him start his own company was that he noticed that the times are currently changing. For instance companies are starting to manufacturer without a human workforce but instead they have began using artificial intelligence. He believes starting your own company or becoming an entrepreneur can decrease the risk of an individual being pushed out of the job market when everything becomes automated in the future.