Dr. Johanan Rand Helps Ease the Burden of Managing Weight

America is a country of ironies. While it is home to some of the most distinguished doctors and nutritionists, it is also the home of obesity and other weight complications including weight loss. The only disclaimer is the aspect of weight loss tendencies among the aging folk. On the causes of obesity, it has been observed that the abundance of food in the country is a problem. In other words, people need to starve a bit to help them maintain a healthy weight; really! Well, that sounds a little sadistic and simplistic. Whichever way it might be best, Dr. Johanan Rand is one of the weight loss experts that have developed research-based alternative techniques to effectively tackle weight loss problems; irrespective of whether they are about gaining some weight or shedding off some of those accumulated fats. There are many diets that have been developed. Some of the diet plans are suspect, while others are downright failures.


Dr. Rand Intervenes

He started Healthy Medical Center because he was privy to the challenges that people seeking to lose weight through observing diets were facing. He conducted his private research aimed at finding ways that the many Americans with weight complications could be helped to achieve quick results without side effects that would negate the gains obtained. Dr. Rand uses natural techniques to enhance the process of weight loss. He has also found mechanisms to manage the weight of aging adults. One of the most revolutionary therapies that Dr. Johanan Rand has developed is the one that includes the hormone HCG in the diet. He says that the hormone is effective in reducing the hunger pangs that people on low-calorie diets feel when following their plans. The hormone that is typically produced by pregnant women also has inherent qualities that help to reverse the aging process. Dr. Rand uses alternative nutritional and medical approaches to execute his therapies. Dr. Jahanan Rand says that HCG is a diet plan like no other.


Resetting Metabolism

Apart from his therapies such as HCG, Dr. Rand also teaches his patients to learn how to eat again. Dr. Rand uses his healthy Aging Medical Center based in NJ to give adults who are aging a chance to interact with clinicians who analyze patient conditions and habits with an aim to develop custom programs that work uniquely for each individual.