New EOS review with Aloe.

EOS lip balm has many great collections, this specific review is about the EOS Aloe SPF 30 lip balm ( Let’s start with ingredients, after going through every ingredient it is decided this balm is not as natural as some others from EOS, Howeve,  it is still about 90% natural ingredients.

The color mix for the packaging is very fun and pretty of a sea-foam green base with a darker version of the same color striped around the lid. The lot number, name and expiration date are all included on the package. It seems with the softer EOS packaging they are very prone to scratches, and for collectors that may not be a likable trait. No problem here though because the product is way more important than the packaging.

When you open the lid you are greeted with a very nice, sweet, welcoming smell, and a beautiful shine. If you mix honey suckle and honey dew with aloe, that is what you’ll be smelling, see Allure. This particular balm is very thin which is good or bad based on personal opinion. It has a floral or perfumy after taste which is not bad at all. Price wise it is very affordable unlike some other EOS lip balms.

They were not kidding when it said water resistant, it stays on perfectly. There is a slight shine when you put on the product but It could still be a very gender neutral balm. The EOS Aloe balm reviewed was rated a 9 out of 10 it is highly recommended for everyone. It is by far one of the better EOS lip balms that have come out recently.

Roseannetangrs Reviews Two EOS Lip Balms

After hearing a lot about the EOS lip balms, YouTuber roseannetangrs was excited when she was gifted two of the much hyped scents from a friend, Strawberry Sorbet and Passion Fruit, which she reviewed on her channel.

Starting with a bare lip, she applied the balm. Her first impression of the little spherical product was that it was not heavy, sticky, or gross like many other lip products often are. She said it went on very smooth, and her lips felt really nice, check

Both balls had a good scent, with the Strawberry Sorbet reminding her of strawberries and cream, and the Passion Fruit smelling like it’s namesake, with a hint of shea butter

Her favorite part of the EOS line by far is the packaging ( They come in a small ball or sphere with side grips that fits in the palm of your hand. She absolutely could not stop talking about how cute and adorable they are or how they remind her of little Easter eggs. She absolutely loved it.

Roseannetangrs liked the product. She pointed out how the balm itself is colorless, which means consumers can apply it, then apply their lip color over it, giving them a comfortable wear all day.


EOS Lip Balm Changes Their Look

EOS lip balms are a great option for you if you want to have something that is going to help your lips to feel better. You might not know they changed the look of their container, but it now has a new and improved look.


How it Changed

The container has been a constant for a long time, but it recently changed it’s look. Now it has a see through lid that allows you to see the color of the lip balm and how much is left before you open the container. This can be helpful if you like to know what you have constantly.

The container also changed the way it’s shaped. It now is a little longer instead of being just round. This is good if you like to not have your lip balm roll away when you are not using it. The change was inspired by the need to do something a little different with the lip balm. Also, go to to read more cool related articles.

There are a lot of lip balms on the market, but EOS has always had the best containers. They are unique and different, but they also are very neat to look at. The change came as EOS started to do something a little different and to help them show they can be different than the other lip balms on the market. The last thing you want is to have a lip balm that won’t be the right size or the right flavor for your needs.

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Crystal Clear EOS

EOS lip balm has already revolutionized the chapstick market with their spherical lip balms. EOS produces lip balms with fresh flavors that come packaged in little round balls and lots of fun pastel colors. But recently, they have stepped it up with EOS Crystal Clear.

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EOS Crystal Clear is similar to the original lip balms except that they are wax-free, contain five essential oils, and are completely clear, available here at The wax-free lip balm makes it completely vegan friendly, unlike most chapsticks. The five essential oils make it healthy for your lips, and the clear balm is aesthetically pleasing. EOS Crystal will come in two new flavors: Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach.

EOS announced the new addition to its product line on August 5th with an Instagram post stating “Clear as Crystal. Smooth as eos, interesting material here. Say hello to every girl’s NEW best friend ???? #eosCrystal #newproduct #lipbalm #waxfree #vegan #veganbeauty #vanillaorchid #thefutureiscrystalclear.” On August 7th, they posted “Lips on sleek ????????NEW eos Crystal is packed with 5 essential oils for a smooth glide that leaves your lips soft and chic.” EOS is very excited for you to own their new, exciting product. The lip balm can be found in most retail and drug stores in August for $4.99, see also