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NewsWatch TV is a source for all need to know inside stories about popular well-known or not so well-known industries. It is an information trove for front page news for any need to know breaking news about health, medical, fashion, consumer electronics, travel and tourism, business and public awareness industries. If you need to know it NewWatch TV has already covered it. NewsWatch TV can be seen on every U.S. market airing on 60 broadcast stations 240 times. Different companies use NewsWatch TV for their campaigns to quickly get the word out to as many people as possible successfully.

Recently NewsWatch TV reviewed a wonderful company called Ockel, a computer company. This company makes small computers that are as big as your cell phone. Avanca Indiegogo the person representing the company needed a crowdfunding campaign that had a 30-day deadline to reach $10.000. She was happy to choose NewsWatch TV to help promote her campaign by reviewing the Ockel company. By using NewsWatch TV for her crowdfunding campaign she was not only able to reach her goal, Avanca raised 2000 % more times the money she needed to raise than she expected. Avanca exact words about working with NewsWatch TV was that she loves working with them and the team is great. She could not be more satisfied with the results that the TV company produced for Ockel Computers.

Many other companies have all used NewsWatch TV to get important information to the public about their company. Each of these companies highly recommends using the TV company to get the good news out about what new in your industry. Some up to the minute reviews have been done about Snapchat, Spotify and Hulu, and Mercedes a luxury car making company. NewsWatch TV is highly recommended in its industry.


Scottsdale, Arizona Businessman, Jason Hope Conducts An Interview On Inspirey

Inspirey asked Jason Hope what has been his most satisfying moment in his career so far. Jason Hope responded by saying that he consider philanthropic work as a separate business of its own. He then added that philanthropic work is a serious endeavor for him.

Jason Hope said that the most satisfying moment of business career was being able to provide a half of million dollars in donations to the SENS Research Foundation. It is a foundation that is working on ways to reverse the effects of aging. SENS also is trying to develop cures and preventive measures for many of our most common chronic diseases associated with aging such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Mr. Hope adds that being able to make a difference and add to the field of biotechnology is very important to him. He thinks that scientists are on the verge of major medical breakthroughs that could impact millions of people around the world who are afflicted with chronic diseases. The research that Jason Hope is supporting can also enhance the quality of life for people as well by providing some relief to their suffering, if not an outright treatment.

Jason Hope believes that his funding of the SENS Research Foundation can really plot the course of anti-aging research and new medicinal development. He then concluded that working alongside and supporting Dr. Aubrey de Grey of the SENS Research Foundation has been without question the most satisfying moment of his life thus far.

Mr. Hope was then asked what is it that he attributes to success in business. Jason Hope replied that his eye for the future is a big reason why he has been so successful. He has been able to spot technological change and jump on opportunities at the right time. Being able to move on and not get grounded in failure is another reason why he considers himself to be successful in business.

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