Crystal Lip Balms: Are They As Good As The Hype?

Lip balms have seem to be in the media as of late thanks to all of the new innovations of the industry. This once bland field of work has gained new life and there’s one company that is responsible for this increase in activity. Evolution of Smooth, or better known as EOS, is transforming the industry thanks to its great products. The brand just has a fun and youthful appeal about itself, especially when being compared to others. Its lip balms come in tantalizing flavors such as passion fruit, blackberry nectar, vanilla bean, sweet mint, summer fruit, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, vanilla mint and many more, check this out.

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With the release of its new product, Evolution of Smooth has solidified its dominance. No longer is Chapstick the king of the hill. EOS is outperforming every other lip balm brand in present time and the $1 million units per week sold is a true testament to its success. Crystal Lip balm is the brand new addition to the brand, and it has pumped new life into the industry. These lip balms are simply amazing because they look awesome, are easy to use, and they are translucent. With its clear appearance, Evolution of Smooth is writing a new chapter of success. This is the very definition of the word revolution. You either change, or you remain the same. If you remain the same for far too long, you’ll definitely be forgotten and that’s why reinventing yourself is the key.

Crystal Lip Balms only come in the two flavors of Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. The aromatic smell is tantalizing and the taste is just right. This company hit the nail on the head literally and figuratively. Crystal Lip Balms are definitely as good as the hype, but you’ll have to try them out yourself.

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