Energy saving tips from the HVAC experts at Goettl

Goettl’s Tell All Secrets to Staying Energy Efficient This Summer


The experienced HVAC experts at Goettl have a few trade secrets when it come saving money on your energy while staying cool during the peak summer months.

The first secret is really no secret. Just maintaining you heating and air conditioning unit will give it longevity. You can have an expert check on the unit occasionally to check for problems, and you can also check on it yourself. Make sure your HVAC unit is clean and clear of debris and vegetation. You should change the air filter every one to three months. This will all keep your heating and cooling unit working more optimally and you can avoid any problems before they arise. If you keep your unit in the shade it will have to work less to cool your home. It has to be shaded properly without anything touching it.

Ceiling fans are an untapped resource when it comes to a cooling plan, plus they use barely any energy. Using a ceiling fan will help move that cool air around, spreading it more evenly around the room, thus not having to use more AC maintain that coolness. A programmable thermostat will cut down on your energy bills by keeping a steady temp throughout your home. It thinks for you, so you don’t have to do it manually. A cool feature of it is that it senses when no one is home and adjusts the thermostat accordingly.

Goettl Air is the leader in technology when it comes to heating and air conditioning units. They are known for their exceptional customer service and have been awarded the best HVAC company in the state of Arizona.

They have worked on plenty of new builds, remodels, custom homes, tract homes, and commercial buildings. Goettl specializes working in the extremely harsh desert weather of the Southwestern part of the US.