Sussexn Healthcare Receives Outstanding Rating

In November 2018, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare was inspected by the Care Quality Commission, specifically East Surrey Hospital. This facility primarily serves those living in the east Surrey, South Croydon and north-east West Sussex areas. The hospital provides the primary services of surgery, medical care, maternity services, urgent and emergency care and outpatient care. All of these areas were inspected in terms of quality of service. This was the facilities first inspection since May of 2014. At that time, Sussex Healthcare received a rating of “good”, but some areas had a lower rating, especially outpatient services which was reported as needing improvement. After this inspection, improvement methods were put into place throughout the organization.

Sussex Healthcare implemented a continuous improvement effort and specifically focused on the feedback from the 2014 inspection. Credit for the improvements in the latest inspection was given to all of the employees for their dedication and hard work during this focus on improvement. Michael Wilson, chie executive officer for Surrey and Sussex Healthcare commented that the employee’s hard work and dedication made a real difference in terms of providing the best patient care possible.

This effort and commitment by all Sussex Healthcare staff resulted in much improved results at their latest 2018 inspection, again at East Surrey Hospital. After looking at the five core areas of service, and also assessing the organization’s management and leadership, an improved rating was given by inspectors. The highest possible rating of outstanding was given to the organization for being well-led, responsive and caring. A good rating was given to the hospital for being safe and effective. The organization received an overall rating of outstanding. This is the highest rating that can be given. There are only eight other organizations in England that have earned this outstanding rating. Through a continuous improvement effort, the hospital will continue to provide outstanding services for all patients.

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Sussex Healthcare Care Hires A New CEO To Enhance The Quality Of Operations

Sussex Healthcare is a privately owned company that offers care homes in Sussex. It has 20 homes under its ownership that offer various services that are focused on providing care to the elderly including those with conditions such as dementia. They also offer specialized care to those with neurological disabilities and physical disabilities. Sussex Healthcare has employed professionals who are well trained in providing support and also have the necessary state of the art technologies and cozy setting to improve the well being of the patients.

Recently, the company hired new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor, who took some time to familiarize with the company before taking the role. The company saw her fit for the position because of her 30 years of experience in the health and social care industries. She has worked in several organizations where she has helped to resolve operational challenges and restore the faith of stakeholders.

The new CEO of Sussex Healthcare is planning on working with the entire team to achieve the set goals. Her appointment is an indication that the company is dedicated to improving quality of care it offers. She is expected to assess its current state by visiting the homes where she will interact with the residents and other partners.

Sussex Healthcare has also opened a new gym, which is part of the plan to avail more services to the residents. It is expected to help in attending to the special needs of residents who are physically disabled and others with different challenges. It has also prepared a gym staff by providing them with extensive training so that they can effectively help clients on various areas.

Those that need to work out alone in the gym can do so, but the team will always be at their disposal in case they want to begin an exercise plan. The plan is designed to ensure the patrons are engaging in exercises that suit their conditions. Even those with limited mobility will receive assistance from the gym staff. There is also a pool and hot tubs for those with joints problems and sore muscles. Even those with cognitive disabilities are expected to benefit from these facilities.

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