Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus

The medical industry is going through numerous changes with new technology available. Although some of these changes are positive, many experienced medical professionals have to adapt to a new world.

Eric Lefkofsky is a passionate business owner and leader within this community. He firmly believes that he can find a cure for cancer in the coming years. After working in other industries and gaining valuable experience, Eric Lefkofsky started a company in the medical industry. He decided to start a company for several reasons. Not only did he want to make a positive impact on others, but he was tired of working for other people.


Tempus is the company that Eric Lefkofsky started. It is a medical research company that has done great work in the field so far. Eric Lefkofsky firmly believes that costs in the pharmaceutical industry should be lower. He thinks that technology can make the cost of various medical treatments more affordable. He is also a political activist who believes the entire industry should change to help customers. He is tired of seeing his patients struggle to afford necessary medical care. He also developed a basic routine for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle each day.

Lifestyle Habits

There are various lifestyle habits that people can utilize to reduce their chances of developing an illness. By eating a healthy diet, people can drastically reduce their odds of various health issues. Some people do not realize all of the adverse changes that take place in the body from an unhealthy lifestyle. Eric Lefkofsky also recommends that people exercise on a daily basis. Without exercise, it is hard for people to reach any of their health goals. Now is the perfect time for Eric Lefkofsky to invest for the future. With new technology available, he firmly believes that he is close to a cure.

How Fortress Investment Group Developed Into A Major Investment Firm

Fortress Investment Group, LLC, is an investment firm headquartered in New York City. The invest in a globally diversified portfolio of alternative assets. Their main investments are in the credit space, private equity, and real estate. This company was founded in 1998 and it now has close to 1,800 clients made up of institutional entities as well as private investors. This firm was founded by three entrepreneurs; Wesley R. Edens, Randal A. Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. When they were first established private equity was the focus of Fortress Management Group. Before long they expanded into real estate, debt securities, and putting money in hedge funds. By 2006 this company had grown by almost 40% and in February 2007 they held an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

It was announced on December 27, 2017, that Tokyo, Japan’s SoftBank Group Corporation had bought the remainder of Fortress Investment Group that they didn’t already own. They announced that this purchase as $3.3 billion, all in cash. With this purchase they now own all shares of Fortress Investment Group. Shareholders in Fortress had agreed to this transaction in a vote that was held on July 12, 2017, and the purchase cleared regulatory approvals.As part of this purchase, each Class A share of Fortress Investment Group was converted into $8.08 cash-value. All of Fortress’ common shares had already stopped trading prior to the completion of the sale and this company as delisted from the NYSE. SoftBank announced that they would keep Fortress Investment Group based in New York City as an independent subsidiary. The executive team remained in place after this sale and it consists of Randy Nardone, Peter Briger, and Wes Edens.

Over the past 20 years, Fortress Investment Group has acquired a number of privately held companies. One of these acquisitions was in 2006 when Fortress bought Intrawest. Intrawest is an owner of Canadian ski resorts and is the largest operator of ski resorts in North America. In that same year Fortress also bought RailAmerica, Inc. This firm operated both regional and short-line railroads in both America and Canada.Some private equity companies bought by Fortress Investment Group have been taken public over the years. Among these companies is RailAmerica which went public in October 2009. Some of the other Fortress-owned companies that have held initial public offerings are GAGFAH, Aircastle, Ltd. and Brookdale Senior Living, Inc.Fortress Investment Group also took part in the 2010 Winter Olympics which were held in Vancouver, BC. During these Olympics, Fortress controlled the biggest venue of these games which is Whistler Blackcomb. This was the main skiing site and was regularly featured on tv. They were also the main financier of the athlete’s village which was built in downtown Vancouver. This project cost $1 billion and housed almost all of the athletes that competed during these Olympics.

Chris Burch On Matching Funding With Ideas

Chris Burch is a curious person by nature. It is this curiosity that led to his company, Burch Creative Capital. He is always looking at things around him. He is always trying to improve upon things. As a young adult, he had achieved success with apparel.

Now he wanted to use his resources and knowledge to help other entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams by turning their great ideas into reality. Once he is able to match ideas with funding this way, extraordinary possibilities come in this world.

Chris Burch has a number of things to be done each day. Hence each day is different for him. There may be new possibilities being looked into, or he may be asking for updates from the companies in which he may have invested.

He loves to bring ideas to life. In order to do this, he needs people. Chris Burch believes that it is very important to have good people around who have the passion to turn ideas into reality. When he sees that something has the potential to be a success, he likes to get it done quickly.

Chris Burch is quite excited about the tiny house movement. Related article here  He likes that people are giving preference to experiences rather than things. Hence Cocoon9 was developed. Next, the millennial traveler of today is looking for culture as well as adventure. This is why Chris Burch is excited about the work he has done with Nihiwatu. It is aimed at accommodating such kind of a consumer.  check

Chris Burch has the ability to read people. He is able to judge them well. This has helped him to be a great and successful entrepreneur.

He believes in his dreams. Hence he asks everyone to follow their dreams. He wants people to live the life that they want to.

As an entrepreneur, he would always advice people to listen. This is one strategy which has been helpful for him to grow his business.  For a closer look at Burch company, click on

Chris Burch likes to take risks. He says that this is almost unavoidable in order to be a groundbreaking entrepreneur. He has taken many risks in his life. He has also failed many times. But all this has led him to where he is today.  Additional article on

In the case of a failure, Chris Burch goes through a phase of mourning. Then he likes to reflect upon it. Next, he understands and takes full credit for his failure. After this clarity, he moves forward in order to keep on working.  More to read on

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