Financial Freedom on the Ridge of Southridge Financial

Southridge Capital is a financial company located in Conneticut and has offered investment banking and brokerage services since 1996. An article on Coolayla highlights how this private equity firm has helped thousands in the last two decades since its conception, revolutionizing financial solutions for thousands of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Southridge Capital has a history of looking out for their clients and this helps build a bond between Southridge and the community. With Southridge Capital’s clear devotion to its clientele, the company is preparing to rise to the highest point within the financial solutions world.


Every day debt is heard about, whether it be from a television commercial, an ad, or even among friends – debt can feel like an un-ending chasm with no options but down. Southridge was able to see this struggle and formulated a way to help people in the community come out of that chasm and into a more financially secure world. It’s easy to see how, by helping customer with debt on a day to day basis and allowing an escape from the weight and relationship strains that debt carries Southridge has earned a large following. Southridge Capital offers a variety of different options weather you are applying as a sole borrower, or work for a large corporation. For more details visit Crunchbase.


In another area that Southridge reaches out to help companies in different areas; companies on the move is another aspect of Southridge and involves redefined the structure of different companies to deliver services that their clientèle want and also re-energizing the Southridge brand to clearly show the promise and security the company can provide. Along with the many different options offered; the fees are quite reasonable for what is offered, making Southridge Capital a strong financial solutions company that will, through time, rise through the ranks to the top of the ladder.



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Peter Briger Is the Right Man for Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger Is the Right Man for Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is one of the principals at Fortress Investment Group. He has worked with other stakeholders to grow the company to its current state. Peter Briger is the President of the company and is associated with other companies. Peter went to Princeton University, for his degree and the University of Pennsylvania for an MBA. He is associated with Acumen Fund Incorporation, Spearhead Capital, and Drive Shack Inc. Peter Briger has been on the Board of Directors in the company since 2006 and became the co-chairman in 2009. He was chosen as a co-chairman when the board saw analyzed his achievements over the years. He has a reputation which has enabled him to get good job positions in companies he has worked for.

Peter has a professional experience in investment and finance for several years and this gives him an added advantage in the market. He is a renowned leader and a professional. He has been a partner with Sachs and Goldman Corporation before moving to Fortress. When he was at the company, he was privileged to attend several committees such as executive Committee, Asian Management Committee and Global Control Committee. These committees gave him insight into the global market and how to succeed. He also served in co-head positions and sales department. Holding different positions informed him about what goes into forming a company and how to be unique. Fortress Investment Group is an investment management company which is based in New York. After joining the group in 2002, Peter performance was exceptional and moved through the ranks.

It did not take long before he was chosen to oversee the company’s credit business. His work was to check underrated credit investments in the company. Peter Briger did not disappoint in his new role and soon found himself in a better position. Aside from his position at Fortress Investment Group, he is also holding a post at the Board of Directors at Princeton University Investment Group. He has an MBA in business administration and has worked in different companies to build his brand. Fortress Investment Group has one of the best brains in the market and under Briger’s leadership; the company will go a long way. His affiliation with other companies shows that he is determined and hard working to give quality service. Moreover, he is known for developing and maintaining good relationships with customers. Peter loves giving back to the community and donates to charity organizations whenever he can.

Roles played by Southridge Capital

This is a private investment group that is concerned with providing a complete range of innovative financial solutions to public companies worldwide. Southridge Capital is a Connecticut based equity firm found in the United States of America. It was founded in 1996 and ever since, it has maintained its excellent reputation in the field of business. Below is a brief summary about the firm.

The company has a team of learned and experienced professionals and experts that are dedicated and always available to offer any form of business advice to clients. Due to many years of existence, the company has staff members that are well exposed to various challenges and therefore, they have the best solutions to such issues. For more info you can check their facebook page.

Southridge offers structured finance and advisory services. Under structured finance, clients are guided on how to come up with a financing plan, modify the plan and eventually implement the plan with guaranteed success. This is made possible due to a core team of experts in this field. The company also helps such clients grow through financing them to a point that they can stand on their own.

Some of the solutions offered include securitization. The company pools together most of the contractual debts such as loans and mortgages then sells their related cash flows to third party investors as securities. It also helps in increasing creditworthiness of its clients. This is achieved through working in conjunction with creditors to remove debts courtesy of common stock.

As stated above, financial solutions are also offered. Depending on different factors in the market, companies face many financial problems. Lack of capital can be one of them. Southridge Capital has several products that come in handy in case of such a problem. One of them is the Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA). This products enables companies to come up with capital exclusively at their request regardless of the prevailing conditions. You can visit for more info.

Southridge Capital is the place to be in case of an upcoming business organization or individual. They offer the best advice and guidance in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

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Offers Reliable Financial Services

Is your current financial institution unstable? Would you be interested in a stabilized financial market? NexBank allows their customers to get personalized one-on-one services with a number of account options to choose from. You’re encouraged to invest in your retirement or start a business because more of your hard earned money is working for you. Their financial institute is backed with $4 billion dollars in assets to safeguard your money. You also have 0% fraud liability on all your unauthorized purchases and government backed FDIC insurance. Trust their superior services to give your money the transparency you need to invest in an unstable financial economy.

Their CEO, John Holt recommends giving your customers the opportunity to have input in the available services and features. More importantly, you can you their descriptive online features to avoid lines to cash your check or make a random deposit. You never have to worry about about navigating your account with an automated system. You have the benefit of over 12,000+ highly trained and expert professionals to help you with your new or existing account. You can register for a new account securely over the phone or through their new online financial platform.

NexBank Features & Services

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NexBank, headed by John Holt, and based in Dallas, Texas is one of the largest growing online financial institutions in the industry. You have the option of housing your money in a secure bank that is backed by $40 billion dollars in assets. They are also FDIC insured for added security features for your money. They also focus on three core banking practices along with amazing personal account features. Get reliable account that guarantees to maximize your money and allow you quality features like a 1.9% interest bearing savings account. Become a part of NexBank today by visiting their exclusive website.

You can get a college savings program that will allow you to save 37% more on college expenses and tuition. NexBank knows the rising cost of college is affecting the finances of millions of students and their parents. They offer over 1,600+ college savings programs that give you the benefit of eliminating government student loan debt. Their college savings program is made possible through a merger with New Jersey based, College Savings Bank. Get more ways to save on things that matter like college with the services of a superior financial institution.

NexBank Features

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Discover the benefits of being able to get a car with reliable installment loans that will help you get flexible payments that allow you to miss one or two during a bad pay period. You can also buy a home as a first-time home buyer with a lower interest and monthly payments. You can become a valuable NexBank customer by visiting their exclusive website for more details, information, services, and promotional offers.