ClassDojo: Redefining Communication in Schools around the World

ClassDojo — a school communication tool — is the first app in the education sector to have a student-centered approach to communication. According to the creators of this platform, the main idea of this app was to bring all the education stakeholders in one forum — by simplifying the discussion. With ClassDojo, it is possible to know the students’ progress, through a simple yet effective interface. Different education journals have termed ClassDojo as the future of communications in education. Different studies show that improvement in communications is one of the best ways to increase a child’s performance in school. In the last three years, different countries have adopted this communication tool — as the primary means of communicating.

ClassDojo is unique in the following ways. First, it is a multimedia platform. Unlike other alternatives in this market, it is the first app that has diversified communication between different stakeholders. In this platform, for example, it is possible to share pictures of class work, projects, and any other essential details. ClassDojo is also the first platform to include videos as one of the communication tools. With this platform, it is easier for parents to access the students’ portfolio and progress — either in graphs, illustrations or in the form of traditional report forms. The makers of this platform point out that this app has brought parents back to their children academic life.

Apart from making all the necessary information available to parents and teachers, ClassDojo is the only platform that allows parents and teachers to discuss the progress of the students. This ability makes this platform the ideal tool for effective communication between the stakeholders. The management of this platform points out that the primary goal of this platform is to create a community. Under this community, it is possible to discuss some important aspects of education and more importantly — improving the grades of students. The most important aspect about this platform is accommodating different views and transforming them to actionable information.

Thanks to ClassDojo, creating a positive and productive environment in a school setting is not farfetched. Creating an enabling environment in the education system is the perfect recipe for progressive education and more importantly preparing the students for the future after school.

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Class Dojo is becoming the Master of parent teacher communication.

Educators have been faced with the issue of communication of their students’ progress before and after parent conferences. This issue is being addressed by Class Dojo, which is now being used by about 2 out of 3 or 90% of K-8 schools in the U.S. This has become a great asset and is an easy to use communication platform for teachers to be able to display their students’ progress to parents individually or as a class. This online asset which can also be accessed on smartphones or tablets is empowering teachers, parents and students alike as they have a positive platform to showcase their work which is creating a better community within the classroom and parents. A child is able to create a digital portfolio that allows the parents to see a visual representation of their child’s current progress in the unit. Parents no longer have to wonder how their child is doing as they are also able to easily communicate with their child’s teacher without having to wait for a conference. This platform also is able to use photos and videos which can give a better overall picture of the class and school community, this helps parents feel like a bigger part of their child’s education and has helped create a tighter community with educators. This edutech company, Class Dojo is closing the gaps between parents and teachers as they have made it simple to access class daily schedules, student work and school events to all participants. This innovation may well change the way teachers and parents communicate and give parents an interactive role in the classroom setting. It also helps that the creators have made it visually appealing to their student audience, as they enjoy using it which I got to see first hand when my son used it in the 4th grade.