Get to Know Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos has been a figure of controversy since her appointment as Education Secretary. Her performance during the confirmation hearings was criticized, and people questioned President Trump’s confidence in her. However, since taking office, DeVos has shocked even her most severe critics. When she turns up to visit schools, people are surprised to meet a kind, caring, savvy woman.


DeVos has long been a specialist when it comes to education. Though her presence on the national stage is new, her interest in helping children has been life-long. DeVos’s Christian faith is a big part of this, and so is her role as a mother. DeVos comes from a privileged background herself, and so does her husband. As their philanthropic efforts grew, they became more and more concerned about public education. The reasons for this were simple.


Dick DeVos, Betsy’s husband, has always been proud of his time in Michigan’s public schools. He grew up in an era where people valued education and wanted the best for their kids, and it showed in the schools. The high school he attended was well-funded, the teachers were caring, and the results were great.


However, by the time Dick and Betsy were parents themselves, something had changed. They realized that working people were taking on second and even third jobs to put their children in private, Christian schools. Something had gone badly wrong in the public school system. It was becoming more and more politicized, and the results were no longer there.


The DeVoses are Christians, and giving back is a big part of their lives. Though they were proud to fund financial aid for private schools, they knew that they could never do enough. What was their private wealth compared to the budgets public schools worked with? And why were they getting away with squandering public money, and with it, children’s futures?


Betsy DeVos’s push for charter schools in Michigan has been incredibly successful. It’s been a big key in keeping traditional public schools honest. They’ve found that just as in the business world, healthy competition can work in education, too. As Betsy DeVos continues to clean up America’s school, we can expect to see similarly great results.


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Why You Should Choose Rocketship Education for Your Children

When trying to find a reputable school for your children, there is nothing better than choosing a charter school. Charter schools have a variety of benefits, as they are a tuition-free option for those who want to be able to choose the school that their children go to for their entire educational career. This is why a lot of parents are finding the benefits of choosing Rocketship Education for themselves. Rocketship Education has been in business for quite awhile and is based out of California. They pride themselves in being one of the best charter school options available throughout the state.

One of the major benefits to choosing Rocketship Education is that it is tuition-free and ideal for all types of students. The guidelines and rules set by the school are under strict state and federal regulations, which basically means that your child will get a superior education unlike anything else in the area. By choosing Rocketship Education, you’re making a decision that is going to benefit your child in more ways than just one. This is why so many people have been choosing Rocketship Education for themselves because they know that their children are going to get a great education by utilizing this type of service.

Now that you know how ideal it is for you to choose Rocketship Education, you can visit their site or contact them for more information. They will be more than happy to work with you on choosing a program specific for your child and knowing what is right for their needs. Once you make the decision to put your child in a charter school that you can actually choose for them, you will wonder why you had always had them to go a local public school just because you live there. There are lots of charter options available, but it is key to check out Rocketship Education if this is something that you feel is going to be beneficial for you and your child throughout their schooling so that they can get a great education that is going to follow them throughout adulthood.

Why the Kabbalah Center is important to the Jewish Community

A lot of mystery and even ignorance surrounds the teachings of the Kabbalah. The confusion is deepened by the fact that everyone from religious leaders to fame seeking mediums and psychics in Hollywood really like misusing the teachings to their own ends. However, in the pure and unaltered state, the teachings of Kabbalah are one of the most important assets to the Jewish Community and especially those that closely follow the teachings of Judaism. To try and bring back some sanity into the teachings and what they mean for the community, there have been attempts to establish Kabbalah centers in the US, Europe and even Israel.

Origins of the Kabbalah

These are some of the oldest teachings that have been recorded in the history of man especially on spirituality. They are said to be so old that they are the blueprint from which most of the modern day religious teachings were derived. There was a time that the teachings were believed to be so tough that only males who were more than 40 years in age would be allowed access to the teaching centers and more information click here.

The main theme of the teachings is trying to explain the metaphysical world, and the connection that it has with the other realm. There are many people who take this to mean that Kabbalah is for the people that believe in things like magic. While it is true that a little bit of inexplicable events are part of the kabbalah narratives, the main theme is not to help people perform voodoo like some mediums want people to think. The main reason the centers are being set up is to demystify the teachings and make sure the Jewish community understands their importance.

The founders of the Kabbalah center, Philip, Karen, Michael and Yehuda Berg are just continuing the work that was started in 1922. Yehuda Ashlang was the first person to reveal the contents of the teachings and make them accessible to all people. The current founders and managers of the center come directly from his family line and believe that they are continuing with his inspirational work of enlightening the Jewish people and the world.

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