Gareth Henry Is An Entrepreneur With Many Interests

Many people want to make a difference in the world. Such is the case with Gareth Henry. Gareth Henry is someone with diverse interests who brings a wide variety of life experiences with him. Two his biggest passions are his interest in sports and the fact that he happens to be gay. These interests have shaped his life and shaped his career. Over the course of his life, he’s seen vast changes and hopes to make even more change. One of his particular areas of fascination is that of professional sports. Gareth Henry originally hails from the small and lively Caribbean island of Jamaica. Here, Henry quickly realized that he had an interest in sports. He also realized that he had the prowess to take it to the next level. The sport that ultimately attracted his attention and gave him a great deal of personal satisfaction is badminton. He quickly rose to international prominence. His career in the sport has seen many triumphs including a team bronze medal at national team at the 2018 Pan Am Men’s badminton Championships.

Another passion that Gareth Henry brings to his life is that of advocating for gay rights. Gay people face obstacles in many countries as they grow up. In many parts of the world, gays are ostracized merely for being gay. They can face all sorts of problems including direct harassment as well as actual laws that may criminalize gay relationships and even lead to jail time. It is this status quo that he wants to do so much to change. When he hits the badminton courts, he knows he’s not just representing himself. He also knows he speaks for many gay people around the world who are not as lucky as he is and may not be allowed to live the lives want to live. He wants to help change matters. At present, he lives in Toronto, Canada. Here, he is free to be himself and not worry about being persecuted simply for being gay. One of his goals in life is provide the same freedom for other gay people.

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