Fortress Investment Group Is Acquired By SoftBank But Will Continue To Operate As A Private Company

SoftBank has continued to grow over the years and has done incredibly well since its creation close to forty years ago. The company made the decision to acquire Fortress Investment Group recently, which is a well known investment management firm. This has made Softbank one of the largest investment firms on Earth, and the firm will let Fortress continue to handle its own business. Softbank had to include this in its deal to get over regulatory obstacles.

The move will most likely end up being favorable for both companies as Fortress Investment Group has done well when left to work on its own. SoftBank has roots in Japan that go all of the way back to the 1980s after the company was founded. Fortress Investment Group has more connections in the United States in New York City, where it was put together. It was founded by Wes Edens and Randal Nardone and has thrived since the start.

Fortress Investment Group will remain in NYC and will operate independently. This means that the firm will be able to operate without being affected by its new ownership. SoftBank paid a large sum for Fortress, which is managing $40 billion, and also had to pay a 39% premium on the company’s share price. There was a whole lot more going on behind the scenes as Masayoshi Son, the CEO of SoftBank, tried to improve the odds of the deal working out. He visited Trump Tower after the president was inaugurated and made a promise to invest $50 billion in the U.S.A. during his time there.

Fortress Investment Group is known as the first private equity firm in the U.S. to ever be traded publicly. It later became the first private equity firm to be taken off of the New York Stock Exchange. The leadership of the firm was very happy to be delisted from the exchange because they saw it as freedom. It means that the firm can operate without having to worry about pleasing its investors. Wes Edens commented that being a private company means that the team at Fortress can focus on its long term goals.

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Edwin Miranda And His Approach To Predictive Marketing

In the world of many choices, Edwin Miranda is uniquely different in four different ways. First, he is one of the professionals that are full-service marketers. As a full service marketer, he is able to bring all the marketing services under the umbrella of KOI IXS. Second, as the founder of this marketing company, Miranda is a passionate marketer and this approach helps him to combine all the necessary knowledge and approaches to make the marketing gigs successful.

Thirdly, unlike mainstream marketing, is a performance-driven individual. His approach to performance makes him unmatched in the marketing world. Finally, Edwin Miranda is a perfect example of futurist marketer who views the marketing world from a future perspective. Every gig according to him must answer current marketing and future questions.

According to him, his vision of a functional marketing company is a reality in his company KOI IXS. It is through this company that he has been able to bring some of the most talented individuals in the world of marketing. Edwin Miranda works with some of the best designers that are able to craft some of the best marketing strategies in the marketing world. Through his leadership, he has been able to align his team to his vision of a global solution provider in the marketing world. He understands that for him to tap to the potential of this company, he must ensure that their dream working space is a reality in KOI IXS.

With this availability of the best professionals in the marketing world and one of the best blueprints in the marketing world, Edwin Miranda is without a doubt the best marketer of our time. In an interview early this year, Miranda pointed out that his company is synonymous with personalized marketing gigs. In 2019, he hopes that it will be a season to push for more creativity and unmatched success in pushing for better sales.

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New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp is one of the best real estates that has been trusted by many in New York. The primary regions that it has handled are the Residential Securities and Loans and other assets. The company had made a lot of steps since 2011 the year when it was founded. New Residential Investment Corp has also invested in the mortgage servicing rights (MSRs). The dedication of the top managers of company has put the company at the better place and made the clients believe in their services. New Residential Investment Corp has their live TV that gives the information through their site. Most of the people in the United States have put much attention on the company, and the rate at which it climbs to the peak of the market marks the right moves and ethical decision making by the company.

Most of the decisions made by the company aim at giving the firm a better scene in the market. The head office set by the company is located in New York City. The team of experts individuals running firm aims at boosting the relationship of the company with the clients. Most of the set objectives that have been erected by the company have been achieved within a short period.The commitment of the firm in significant ways has made the clients subscribe to the matters of real estate. The service of the New Residential Investment Corp is excellent and has been boosted by the cooperation of the management.

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Sheldon Lavin : The Man Behind The Incredible Global Growth Of OSI Group

A great leader according to many is a person that is always there for his employees and the company as a whole, during the good and the bad times. Sheldon Lavin carries such attributes according to many who’ve worked for him the past. As the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin holds a plethora of experience in the food industry as well as an incredible record of success over the years. Sheldon Lavin who started with the company in the ’70s is considered to have been a key component to the growth of OSI Group across the world. His work ethic and genuine care for the people working in the plants have earned him countless awards, most recently he received the Global Visionary Award by the Indian government. We briefly sat down with Mr.Lavin to ask him a few questions about his career up to this point.

How did you get involved in the food industry?

Sheldon Lavin states that his involvement with the company was due to his role in financing new plant that The Kolschowsky family was seeking to build on the west side of Chicago. After many years of working for the company, Mr. Lavin would go on to purchase a major stake in the company.

What was your vision for OSI Group?

Mr.Lavin’s goal for the company was simple, growth OSI Group into an international food-processing company.

How did OSI Group grow to be so large?

Mr.Lavin comments on the fact that its growth comes from the business model they have in place. The company runs as a family of entrepreneurs, sure there are rules and strategies that must be followed by everyone, but the difference is that everyone is heard and any advice is taken into serious consideration, that is the difference between OSI Group and other companies.

What is your vision for the future of OSI Group?

That the company continues to grow to the “nth” degree, says Sheldon Lavin. The company employees an incredible amount of talented and good people, therefore, he knows that it is in the best hands possible.

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HGGC Expans Operations With Six New Executive Hires

There are hundreds of private equity companies in the finance industries. And one of these companies is rapidly expanding its executive ranks to meet its new business demands. That private equity company, HGGC, is expanding its roster with six new executive hires.

Joining the Palo Alto based private equity company is Colin Phinisey. Mr. Phinisey will join the company as a Principal partner who will be responsible for capital market efforts across the company’s portfolio of holdings. Mr. Phinisey has an extensive background in mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and debt financings across a number of different industries.

Christopher Guinn will also be joining HGGC as a Executive Director who will be active in the management of the company’s portfolio holdings. Prior to his position at the company, Mr. Guinn was a Chief Financial Officer at Atrium Corporation and Neways International. Also Joinin the company is Zachary Adams who comes over from Boston Consulting Group where he held the position as an Associate.

Other executives joining the company include William Spector who comes over from management consulting Firm McKinsey & Company where he was a Corporate Finance Business Analyst. Mr. Spector brings an extensive background in financial, strategic and operational issues for M&A, corporate portfolio strategy. Patrick Malanga comes from Credit Suisse where he worked as an Investment Banking Analyst in the Financial Sponsors Group. Mr. Malanga has years of experience in leveraged buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, and debt and equity financings. Finally, Hao Qin comes over from Onex, where he held the position as an Associate.

HGGC is a mid-market Private Equity firm that currently manages a portfolio of over 60 companies with an estimated investment value off $4.3 billion. Key personal at HGGC include Gregory M. Benson, Richard F. Lawson, Jr., Leslie M. Brown, Jr., Neil H. White, and Superbowl Winning NFL quarterback Steven Young. Companies in the HGGC portfolio include RPX, AutoAlert, HelpSystems, Mi9, Serena, IDERA, and Selligent. Since its founding in 2007, HGGC has won recognition, in the finance industry, including being awarded “2014 M&A Mid-Market Private Equity Firm of the Year” by Mergers & Acquisitions magazine.

Talos Energy In The Gulf Of Mexico

Offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico has recently become easier with the privatization but many of Mexico’s oil fields. This opened the door for many private companies to access the vast reserves in areas. Overall this move by Mexico will help keep gas and oil prices down benefiting lots of consumers. Talos Energy is one of the companies taking advantage of this opportunity.

Based in Texas, Talos Energy is not directly connected to Mexico but they have a good history with regards to how they drill for gas and oil. Their involvement will ensure intuitive responsible development of these fields. They are strong on employee and contractor safety on its drilling rigs. They are also very careful can prevent environmental disasters like oil spills. Making sure that their engineers are up-to-date on the latest science helps prevent accidents. This includes making sure their technology is up-to-date well maintained. To Talos Energy taking the time to do it safely is important, after all, harm to employees and oil spills are things that any responsible and respective Oil Company want to avoid. Now, this is not always possible because you cannot prevent every possible thing that can go wrong. However, the people at Talos Energy are dedicated eliminating as many of the problems that can cause disasters has he possibly can. What aspect of this is getting as much feedback from their equipment as possible are combining the expertise of their geology and Engineering departments. Taking the time to be careful to prevent accidents sounds intuitive but in the rush of the moment, it does not always come to mind. This is why it is so important to make sure the taking time to be safe is emphasized because we do not always think of it at the moment.

Offshore drilling for gas and oil what ways has its risks and not all possible causes of accidents can be prevented. However, companies like Talos Energy do everything they possibly can to prevent it. The key is the intuitive idea of taking time to be safe.

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Sussex Healthcare Care Hires A New CEO To Enhance The Quality Of Operations

Sussex Healthcare is a privately owned company that offers care homes in Sussex. It has 20 homes under its ownership that offer various services that are focused on providing care to the elderly including those with conditions such as dementia. They also offer specialized care to those with neurological disabilities and physical disabilities. Sussex Healthcare has employed professionals who are well trained in providing support and also have the necessary state of the art technologies and cozy setting to improve the well being of the patients.

Recently, the company hired new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor, who took some time to familiarize with the company before taking the role. The company saw her fit for the position because of her 30 years of experience in the health and social care industries. She has worked in several organizations where she has helped to resolve operational challenges and restore the faith of stakeholders.

The new CEO of Sussex Healthcare is planning on working with the entire team to achieve the set goals. Her appointment is an indication that the company is dedicated to improving quality of care it offers. She is expected to assess its current state by visiting the homes where she will interact with the residents and other partners.

Sussex Healthcare has also opened a new gym, which is part of the plan to avail more services to the residents. It is expected to help in attending to the special needs of residents who are physically disabled and others with different challenges. It has also prepared a gym staff by providing them with extensive training so that they can effectively help clients on various areas.

Those that need to work out alone in the gym can do so, but the team will always be at their disposal in case they want to begin an exercise plan. The plan is designed to ensure the patrons are engaging in exercises that suit their conditions. Even those with limited mobility will receive assistance from the gym staff. There is also a pool and hot tubs for those with joints problems and sore muscles. Even those with cognitive disabilities are expected to benefit from these facilities.

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Sheldon Lavin Has Led The Way In Sustainable Operation

The population of the planet has exceeded seven billion people. The United Nations says that figure will be nearly 10 billion by 2050. The CEO of one of America’s largest food processors thinks about these figures every day. He understands that feeding a hungry planet will require two things: Sustainable food development and extreme attention to environmental management.

The company is OSI Industries and its long-time CEO is Sheldon Lavin. He stands as one of the longest-serving company leaders in America today. Mr. Lavin took over at OSI Industries in the 1970s. From the very beginning, he understood that his company could not grow without making sustainability a central guiding principle of that growth process.

Today OSI Industries spans the globe with some 70 facilities operating in 17 countries. It is among the largest processors of beef, pork, chicken and raw vegetable matter in the world. Forbes ranks OSI as No. 58 on its list of largest privately-owned American companies. It reports revenues in excess of $6 billion per year.

Sheldon Lavin’s approach to achieving sustainability is leveraging advanced technology. For example, he understands that finding new sources of energy that do not contribute carbon to the earth atmosphere is an essential component of responsible operation. That means adopting massive sources of green energy, such as solar and wind produced power. It also means finding ways to operate giant meat processing plants using as little energy as possible.

That’s a special challenge for a company like OSI Industries which is inherently energy intensive. Consider that processing fresh meats requires huge amounts of refrigeration to keep meat at a safe temperature until it reaches the dinner table of the end user. Not must meat be refrigerated, but the machines that do the processing themselves must also be super-cooled as they work.

Another sustainability factor is demand for fresh water. Sheldon Lavin early on understood that finding ways to reduce water usage to a minimum was essential. Part of the effort can be achieved with low-flow faucets. Another aspect of water conservation is effective recycling of captured “gray water.”

Lavin’s methods have earned OSI Industries world recognition as a leader in sustainable operation.

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The Whereabouts Of The Blockchain Technology Pioneer: Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is a big name in the world of cryptocurrencies holding patent of blockchain technologies. His innovations brought many efficiencies to the financial sector. He provided a backbone for cryptocurrencies to grow. He created a blockchain based smart card that can work both online and offline.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is best defined as distributed ledgers linked together with cryptography. The ledgers contains transaction data as well as timestamp. It came into existence to secure transactions and promote transparency as well as integrity of data.

Knowing Serge Belamant

Mr. Belamant attended Highlands North High School and excelled to join Witwatersrand University where he studied engineering before shifting to computer science and applied mathematics. He later dropped out of university and started pursuing information systems.

Serge Belamant was absorbed by Matrix, an engineering firm which operated under the ownership of BKSH. He worked as a software and systems engineer at the company. He was later assigned at the centre for scientific and industrial research where he headed a computer section of Pretoria, Witwatersrand and Vereeniging road planning project. He is the founder of Zilch Technology Limited.

Blockchain technology creation

He created the Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS) and strived to get banks to use it in vain at first. Net1 Technologies was contracted in 1995 by visa to use UEPS technology to develop Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card (COPAC). Mr. Belamant moved to the United States where he got access all the resources to develop COPAC. He combined FTS and UEPS to develop COPAC which is still be used by visa today.

In 1999, Net1 Technologies acquired Cash Payment Services (CPS). The company continued to grow over time and in 2005, the company was listed in NASDAQ in New York as a public company. He became the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Net1 Technologies the same year. The company went on to collect several awards, grow bigger and innovate. One notable invention is the morphing as well as development of a 1:N Biometric Comparison Engine.

Serge Belamant today

He left the helm of Net1 Technologies and founded, Zilch Technology Limited. He is working at the company to come up with more blockchain-based inventions.

Serge’s technology patents

• Verification of a Transactor’s Identity-granted in 2014
• Designation of Electronic Financial Transactions-pending approval
• Method and Apparatus for controlling a gaming operation-granted in 2001
• Secure financial transactions-pending approval
• Financial transactions with a varying pin-pending approval.

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Moving On From Inktomi With Alex Hern

Inktomi, Alex Hern’s first company, operated as the premier search engine for top internet browsers, such as Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL. Hern says that as an entrepreneur, he has progressed significantly since Inktomi. As far as designing elements were concerned, at its prime, Inktomi was the leading search engine. It changed the way web searches were conducted, and how search engines acquired data.

Alex Hern says that the project had opened his eyes to DARPA-funded technologies, which Hern had utilized in the conception of his search engine. These are grant-funded agency and university technology research projects, that are used to progress future advanced technologies. Most technology derived from these projects is catered towards the private sector. Hern says that the technology used for the search engine was initially supposed to be applied to missile tracking systems. Adding, that he and his team directly applied technology and the concept to the search engine. Now, instead of tracking missiles, the technology was tracking, identifying, and cataloging vast amounts of internet data. Alex Hern says, what made Inktomi unique was its adaptability. His team at the time, was incredibly technologically savvy, as the internet expanded, they were able to expand along with it.

Alex Hern says that he made a career out of this technique, inventing business ideas, acquiring funding from private equities, then acquiring the necessary technology from universities. He would then find the right research institutes and multimillion dollar corporations, interested in acquiring his product. Hern has done this very method so many times, that it is at the point where he has mastered it. His new business venture, Tsunami XR, an immersive software technology, that is being marketed as a business workflow and collaboration solution. It is safe to say that business is thriving with potential, and likely to future attract private and public investor interests.

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