Article Title: Eric Lefkofsky Shares His Sentiments On Whether Or Not Patients Should Own Their Personal Health Data

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Over the years, there have been many questions about how personal health data should be managed in areas such as America. Eric Topol weighed in on the matter. He used Estonia as a reference. Topol is also the founder of Scripps Translation Science Institute. He is also the director of the organization. Eric Topol went ahead to highlight that individuals from Estonia own their medical data. The government has supported this move, and the data has been stored securely in a blockchain system. The medical data can also be shared easily.

About the Ownership of Personal Data

There was a Brainstorm Health Conference that was held in San Diego. Eric Topol was happy to attend the event. Although he supported the ownership of personal data in the U.S., he also acknowledged that the nation has a long way to go considering that security is also a factor. The security factor comes about because data is usually stolen, sold, and also accessed by hackers. On the dark web, many people are willing to purchase personal health data regardless of the price. At the moment, the data has been stored on servers that have been spread out throughout the nation. As a result, the information within the servers is vulnerable to attacks by hackers. There have also been many cases about hospitals being exposed to cyber attacks.

Eric Topol went ahead to say that the medical data would be safer if it were being handled personally by the patients. He went ahead to state that his sentiments make sense in a civil rights perspective. If other countries agreed to emulate the Estonia Model, the global health information problems would be solved amicably.

Alphabet is the parent company to Google. The company has a life sciences arm known as Verily. It is headed by Jessica Mega who is the chief medical officer of the company. She shared her sentiments on the matter. Jessica Mega supports the notion that patients should be allowed to own their medical data. Eric Lefkofsky also weighed in on the issue. As the CEO of  healthcare startup known as Tempus, he went ahead to say that patients should be allowed to own their medical data.

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Move Over Cigarettes: Talkspace CEO says Social Media Is The Newest Addiction

Oren Frank, the founder and CEO of Talkspace, recently examined how social media is replacing cigarettes as the newest addition, and we are letting it happen. Before we even reach for our toothbrush in the morning, we reach for our phone. Our morning routine begins with checking notifications, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media outlets, and then we think about getting out of bed to brush our teeth.

We reach for our phones every time we have a down moment and follow the same routine. This continues throughout the day until we finally go to sleep. After we have checked our phones over 100 times a day, we still want more. Of the five hours or so that we spend on our phones, we spend most of our time hanging out on social media apps. The sad thing is we really are not too surprised by that.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

However, according to Frank, this usage is causing all sorts of problems from anxiety to depression and more. We are hooked and we can not wait until we get our next fix, even though it is slowly destroying us. Social media is responsible for our behavior of blurring the lines between our true self and the self that we project to our social media friends and followers. The problem is, according to Oren Frank, is that we are replacing

our primary relationship with superficial ones. Though social media may not completely understand the impact they are having on our mental health, they do know how to keep us coming back whenever we have a free moment. Even their ads, which is how they get their revenue, have us buying stuff that we do not need. Anything to keep us coming back for more.


Edwin Miranda

How To Hire A Marketing Consultant: The Things Edwin Miranda Feels They Should Say To Seal the Deal

No one is perfect. In fact, in the marketing world, you should come to expect it, according to Edwin Miranda. Edwin Miranda has dealt with his fair share of consultants. He knows what they should and should not tell you.

Edwin Miranda’s Tips On Recognizing A Good Marketing Consultant

1) You need their help for a reason. A great consultant is not going to have all the answers, according to Edwin Miranda. In fact, the great ones always say they want to find out. They will say they want to explore the resolution together.

Any consultant that says they have all the answers should not be trusted, according to Edwin Miranda. In other words, they are selling something other than professional top advice and know-how.

2) A great consultant is going to want to know every detail. They want to know how they can create a resolution the best way they can. Some consultants want details to be fuzzy. That way they can worm out of something later when it becomes convenient. That type of consultant is not the one you want to hire, according to Edwin Miranda.

3) Some customers buy the cow when they can get the milk for free. Do you hear the guy telling you that you can do it on your own? That is a good thing. Why buy into a service when you do not need to? A good consultant will only help you with the areas you need help in.

4) Does the person want to come back and see how things are going? That is a good sign. Some consultants feel their work is done when they cash the check. A good consultant feels otherwise.

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Talkspace Team Gives Advice to Couples

Talkspace is an online therapy that is meant to reach people and offer services to them at the comfort of their homes. Just like physical therapy, Talkspace therapy offers all the services but with secrecy attached to it. Clients who opt to use Talkspace are more confident in opening up as they are not physically at the clinics.

At Talkspace, different types of therapies are offered. These therapies target all age groups. They range from teen therapy to marriage therapy. Each client is assigned to a therapist whom they walk with throughout the healing process.

Therapists at Talkspace are highly qualified and adhere to the secrecy that is mandatory in their line of work. They give their clients a chance to choose between video calls or just calls during the session. This way, the clients don’t feel exposed or as if their privacy is invaded. Check out to read more about Talkspace reviews.

On relationships, Talkspace therapists advice that a person should always lower their ego, and not blame each other. It advised that owing to the mistakes that one commits is not a crime as human beings are bound to make mistakes from time to time.

Therapists at Talkspace go ahead to suggest that it is always wise if couples collaborated in their daily task. This way, they will have an obligation to be others keeper, foregoing all that doesn’t matter to them. They go ahead and advice couples that intend to cohabit to always weigh the advice given to them by other couples. That way, they can choose what works best for them.

Talkspace team believes that couples, who have goals and work towards achieving it, always stick together and have the same mind. Such couples always ensure that they talk about their fears, their joys and the small progress that they make and as a result, their relationship grows healthier and stronger.

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Talkspace is Shattering the Mental Health Sitgma

Mental Health is a major issue in the United States today, and while the dialogue surrounding it is improving, there is still much work to be done. According to some recent estimates, some 40 million Americans may suffer from some sort of mental illness – or about one in seven people. Those suffering often are got seeking the care they need because there is still a stigma that is associated with mental health care. Enter Talkspace Reviews, a text therapy app and mental health company seeking to change the way people get help with issues they may have.

Recently, Talkspace and Olympic Champion Michael Phelps announced a new strategic partnership whereby Phelps would both join the company’s board of directors as well as appear in several TV advertisements. Mr. Phelps will bring a famous name and face to the company’s already impressive range of services including text, web, and video therapy sessions. Because Phelps also alludes to having mental health issues of his own, he serves to help break the stigma around seeking help when needed. Check out to read more reviews on talkspace.

However, the company provides more than just access to trained and compassionate therapists remotely. Talkspace also provides an open to the public blog that covers topics ranging from current events to life advice and such topics as personality tests. Talkspace is also seeking to further the cause of improving treatment for mental health by seeking to offer prescription medications to those who may need them. Specifically for anxiety and depression, Neil Leibowitz who formerly served as senior medical director for UnitedHealth was recently named the company’s first Chief Medical Officer.

Talkspace is an e-therapy service that provides anyone the access to mental health professionals and counselors to discuss problems they may be facing their life. With approximately 20% of Americans facing a mental health issue, Talkspace is more important than ever before. If you feel like you need someone to talk to in a private and confidential manner, Talkspace may be for you. Read more:

Agera Energy; Is It Too Good To Be True?

Agera Energy is the craziest cool energy provider that will ever exist.

Have you ever wondered how there could be such an energy producer like Agera? Anyone would ponder that thought deeply when they see what an amazingly awesome provider of energy they are through their clean energy sources up to the 99.9% uptime of Agera’s grids across the continental United States and even Alaska. They are planning on moving into Hawaii here within the next 2 years to come say Aloha and ride a surfboard until their trunks fall off.

Agera shows who they are in the way that they ride that surfboard… cool, awesome, and totally tubular. Seriously. They will take care of your every need no matter how crazy the wires are ran through that darn house of yours. They are relentless about keeping network live even if that means ringing the guitar strings down broad street for endless hours through the bitterly cold night. Stay warm with the electrons flowing through your houses wires veins.

Thanks to Agera, electronic communication and empowerment is totally possible and anything but far out. Your dog will thank you endlessly as he lays on his cozy warm bed that is peripherally heated from Agera’s contribution to electron flow that never ceases no matter what time of night comes lurking around the corner of that darn clock of yours. Agera cares, and they mean it. No matter what, Agera is number one. If you mess with Agera, you mess with me.

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Fortress Investment Group Is Acquired By SoftBank But Will Continue To Operate As A Private Company

SoftBank has continued to grow over the years and has done incredibly well since its creation close to forty years ago. The company made the decision to acquire Fortress Investment Group recently, which is a well known investment management firm. This has made Softbank one of the largest investment firms on Earth, and the firm will let Fortress continue to handle its own business. Softbank had to include this in its deal to get over regulatory obstacles.

The move will most likely end up being favorable for both companies as Fortress Investment Group has done well when left to work on its own. SoftBank has roots in Japan that go all of the way back to the 1980s after the company was founded. Fortress Investment Group has more connections in the United States in New York City, where it was put together. It was founded by Wes Edens and Randal Nardone and has thrived since the start.

Fortress Investment Group will remain in NYC and will operate independently. This means that the firm will be able to operate without being affected by its new ownership. SoftBank paid a large sum for Fortress, which is managing $40 billion, and also had to pay a 39% premium on the company’s share price. There was a whole lot more going on behind the scenes as Masayoshi Son, the CEO of SoftBank, tried to improve the odds of the deal working out. He visited Trump Tower after the president was inaugurated and made a promise to invest $50 billion in the U.S.A. during his time there.

Fortress Investment Group is known as the first private equity firm in the U.S. to ever be traded publicly. It later became the first private equity firm to be taken off of the New York Stock Exchange. The leadership of the firm was very happy to be delisted from the exchange because they saw it as freedom. It means that the firm can operate without having to worry about pleasing its investors. Wes Edens commented that being a private company means that the team at Fortress can focus on its long term goals.

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Edwin Miranda And His Approach To Predictive Marketing

In the world of many choices, Edwin Miranda is uniquely different in four different ways. First, he is one of the professionals that are full-service marketers. As a full service marketer, he is able to bring all the marketing services under the umbrella of KOI IXS. Second, as the founder of this marketing company, Miranda is a passionate marketer and this approach helps him to combine all the necessary knowledge and approaches to make the marketing gigs successful.

Thirdly, unlike mainstream marketing, is a performance-driven individual. His approach to performance makes him unmatched in the marketing world. Finally, Edwin Miranda is a perfect example of futurist marketer who views the marketing world from a future perspective. Every gig according to him must answer current marketing and future questions.

According to him, his vision of a functional marketing company is a reality in his company KOI IXS. It is through this company that he has been able to bring some of the most talented individuals in the world of marketing. Edwin Miranda works with some of the best designers that are able to craft some of the best marketing strategies in the marketing world. Through his leadership, he has been able to align his team to his vision of a global solution provider in the marketing world. He understands that for him to tap to the potential of this company, he must ensure that their dream working space is a reality in KOI IXS.

With this availability of the best professionals in the marketing world and one of the best blueprints in the marketing world, Edwin Miranda is without a doubt the best marketer of our time. In an interview early this year, Miranda pointed out that his company is synonymous with personalized marketing gigs. In 2019, he hopes that it will be a season to push for more creativity and unmatched success in pushing for better sales.

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New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp is one of the best real estates that has been trusted by many in New York. The primary regions that it has handled are the Residential Securities and Loans and other assets. The company had made a lot of steps since 2011 the year when it was founded. New Residential Investment Corp has also invested in the mortgage servicing rights (MSRs). The dedication of the top managers of company has put the company at the better place and made the clients believe in their services. New Residential Investment Corp has their live TV that gives the information through their site. Most of the people in the United States have put much attention on the company, and the rate at which it climbs to the peak of the market marks the right moves and ethical decision making by the company.

Most of the decisions made by the company aim at giving the firm a better scene in the market. The head office set by the company is located in New York City. The team of experts individuals running firm aims at boosting the relationship of the company with the clients. Most of the set objectives that have been erected by the company have been achieved within a short period.The commitment of the firm in significant ways has made the clients subscribe to the matters of real estate. The service of the New Residential Investment Corp is excellent and has been boosted by the cooperation of the management.

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Sheldon Lavin : The Man Behind The Incredible Global Growth Of OSI Group

A great leader according to many is a person that is always there for his employees and the company as a whole, during the good and the bad times. Sheldon Lavin carries such attributes according to many who’ve worked for him the past. As the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin holds a plethora of experience in the food industry as well as an incredible record of success over the years. Sheldon Lavin who started with the company in the ’70s is considered to have been a key component to the growth of OSI Group across the world. His work ethic and genuine care for the people working in the plants have earned him countless awards, most recently he received the Global Visionary Award by the Indian government. We briefly sat down with Mr.Lavin to ask him a few questions about his career up to this point.

How did you get involved in the food industry?

Sheldon Lavin states that his involvement with the company was due to his role in financing new plant that The Kolschowsky family was seeking to build on the west side of Chicago. After many years of working for the company, Mr. Lavin would go on to purchase a major stake in the company.

What was your vision for OSI Group?

Mr.Lavin’s goal for the company was simple, growth OSI Group into an international food-processing company.

How did OSI Group grow to be so large?

Mr.Lavin comments on the fact that its growth comes from the business model they have in place. The company runs as a family of entrepreneurs, sure there are rules and strategies that must be followed by everyone, but the difference is that everyone is heard and any advice is taken into serious consideration, that is the difference between OSI Group and other companies.

What is your vision for the future of OSI Group?

That the company continues to grow to the “nth” degree, says Sheldon Lavin. The company employees an incredible amount of talented and good people, therefore, he knows that it is in the best hands possible.

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