Why Clients of Equities First Holdings Likes the Flexibility of a Loan Repayment Plan

Equities First Holdings(EFH) Is well-known on the international stage. Many people seek out EFH because they make getting capital easier than traditional banks, loan terms are more favorable, and a product they offer is not easily influenced by the fluctuation of the market. It all began for EFH in 2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana by the CEO Al Christy Jr. Businesses and individuals trust the business practices of EFH. it is important because it helps the growth of EFH
EFH offers repurchase agreements, financial advice, and stock-based loans. There are several products, but the main product is a stock-based loan. People enjoy the flexibility offered by EFH regarding a repayment plan for the loan, and in some cases, Clients can walk away from a loan, which is called non-recourse. EFH will try to generate over 2 billion dollars in transactions with nearly 2000 transactions. They are good goals for EFH.


Shervin Pishevar’s 2018 Tweet Storm Reveals A Lot

Shervin Pishevar didn’t hold back when he went on a controversial tweet storm in February of 2018. Looking back, we see the tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist understood the direction of the market. Shervin Pishevar predicted an eventual massive drop in the stock market. Although the market didn’t decline the 6,000 points he suggested it would, the end of 2018 saw the market take a massive tumble.

The volatile nature of the market has many investors dumping stocks. To seek alternative investments becomes a priority when the market goes haywire. Investors do need to be careful about where they put their money. Shervin Pishevar also tweeted about problems inherent with investing in Bitcoin. Many chose to put funds in the cryptocurrency based on its one-time incredible gains. Unfortunately, the good times with Bitcoin didn’t last. The price dropped massively in 2018. Anyone with even a slight interest in the subject of Bitcoin investing should check out Pishevar’s early tweets.

The first anniversary of the tweet storm soon approaches. Shervin Pishevar may or may not choose to launch into a new one. He does, however, tweet regularly on a variety of subjects. Anyone interested in reading follow-up tweets to the tweet storm or comments about other topics may wish to check out his recent 140-character comments.


Sheldon Lavin : The Man Behind The Incredible Global Growth Of OSI Group

A great leader according to many is a person that is always there for his employees and the company as a whole, during the good and the bad times. Sheldon Lavin carries such attributes according to many who’ve worked for him the past. As the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin holds a plethora of experience in the food industry as well as an incredible record of success over the years. Sheldon Lavin who started with the company in the ’70s is considered to have been a key component to the growth of OSI Group across the world. His work ethic and genuine care for the people working in the plants have earned him countless awards, most recently he received the Global Visionary Award by the Indian government. We briefly sat down with Mr.Lavin to ask him a few questions about his career up to this point.

How did you get involved in the food industry?

Sheldon Lavin states that his involvement with the company was due to his role in financing new plant that The Kolschowsky family was seeking to build on the west side of Chicago. After many years of working for the company, Mr. Lavin would go on to purchase a major stake in the company.

What was your vision for OSI Group?

Mr.Lavin’s goal for the company was simple, growth OSI Group into an international food-processing company.

How did OSI Group grow to be so large?

Mr.Lavin comments on the fact that its growth comes from the business model they have in place. The company runs as a family of entrepreneurs, sure there are rules and strategies that must be followed by everyone, but the difference is that everyone is heard and any advice is taken into serious consideration, that is the difference between OSI Group and other companies.

What is your vision for the future of OSI Group?

That the company continues to grow to the “nth” degree, says Sheldon Lavin. The company employees an incredible amount of talented and good people, therefore, he knows that it is in the best hands possible.

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Wes Eden: The Newest Hotelier In Jackson’s

WeEden s s is a man of many interests. He is the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team and the co-founder of the fortress investments groups. The fortress investment group is an alternative investments management group that is based in the United States and branches all over the world. As an alternative investment group, Fortress manages private equity and private credit for other businesses looking for funds and investments. Recently, Wes Edens joined the hotel industry by launching the Caldera House in Jackson Hole in Wyo. The hotel is located in a prime environment and surrounded by great company. With the six years investment from the ski buddies, and in the company of the alpine members club and eight-suite hotel, the new hotelier is set for a successful business career in the industry. On top of the luxury lifestyle the hotel offers, the Caldera House is set on being a part of the community through Wes Edens’ vision. For Wes Edens, the location, Jackson’s, is the right place for his dream to be natured in due to its all year round adventures, the western spirit that the investment mogul is so fond of, and his preference of the location for the beat ski experience on the Jackson Hole Mountain. More about of Wes Edens at Bloomberg.

Ski-ing and The Caldera House.

With his passion for ski-ing, Wes Edens understands it takes caution and enough preparation and set up for the best experience. Edens chose the location of the hotel with ski enthusiasts in mind. Other than the Mudroom being run by a ski expert, the hotel brings the best feeling and adventure to a personal level. The team led by Gov Carrigan, the ski expert, knows what to avoid and what to include in the set up making sure their guests are in safe hands.

Other than the intimate atmosphere that the Caldera House presents, the Wes Edens made sure to include lockers for the guest to store their gears, a state of the art lounge for the perfect lunch, a valet parking lot and valet service for both the in and out ski experience.

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HGGC Expans Operations With Six New Executive Hires

There are hundreds of private equity companies in the finance industries. And one of these companies is rapidly expanding its executive ranks to meet its new business demands. That private equity company, HGGC, is expanding its roster with six new executive hires.

Joining the Palo Alto based private equity company is Colin Phinisey. Mr. Phinisey will join the company as a Principal partner who will be responsible for capital market efforts across the company’s portfolio of holdings. Mr. Phinisey has an extensive background in mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and debt financings across a number of different industries.

Christopher Guinn will also be joining HGGC as a Executive Director who will be active in the management of the company’s portfolio holdings. Prior to his position at the company, Mr. Guinn was a Chief Financial Officer at Atrium Corporation and Neways International. Also Joinin the company is Zachary Adams who comes over from Boston Consulting Group where he held the position as an Associate.

Other executives joining the company include William Spector who comes over from management consulting Firm McKinsey & Company where he was a Corporate Finance Business Analyst. Mr. Spector brings an extensive background in financial, strategic and operational issues for M&A, corporate portfolio strategy. Patrick Malanga comes from Credit Suisse where he worked as an Investment Banking Analyst in the Financial Sponsors Group. Mr. Malanga has years of experience in leveraged buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, and debt and equity financings. Finally, Hao Qin comes over from Onex, where he held the position as an Associate.

HGGC is a mid-market Private Equity firm that currently manages a portfolio of over 60 companies with an estimated investment value off $4.3 billion. Key personal at HGGC include Gregory M. Benson, Richard F. Lawson, Jr., Leslie M. Brown, Jr., Neil H. White, and Superbowl Winning NFL quarterback Steven Young. Companies in the HGGC portfolio include RPX, AutoAlert, HelpSystems, Mi9, Serena, IDERA, and Selligent. Since its founding in 2007, HGGC has won recognition, in the finance industry, including being awarded “2014 M&A Mid-Market Private Equity Firm of the Year” by Mergers & Acquisitions magazine.


Fresh Ideas at InnovaCare Health From Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Innovative companies have innovative leaders, and InnovaCare Health has the top leaders to bring in fresh ideas so that quality of care for patients is improved while maximizing profits for healthcare providers and creating greater efficiency within the system. InnovaCare Health has an integrated approach to healthcare that focuses on physician-led care and outcome-based metrics. When physicians are in charge of the care that they provide, less time and fewer resources are spent in management. And when the focus is placed on the outcome of a patient, those patients receive higher quality care in fewer visits, keeping the amount of money that they need to spend on their healthcare down. InnovaCare Health has some great leaders implementing these basic tenets, and they have the experience and knowledge to see the vision through.

Penelope Kokkinides as Chief Administrative Officer For InnovaCare

Kokkinides started her education in classical languages and biological sciences, studying at Binghamton University. She then went on to study social work and public health, attaining two master’s degrees. She also has a post master’s degree in alcohol and substance abuse. With this education, she became equipped to understand a wide range of public health needs in conjunction with some of the factors that deter people from seeking help. She also has extensive experience working with government organizations that help provide healthcare to people who otherwise could not afford it. She has worked with several other companies, such as Touchstone Healthcare, AmeriChoice, and Aveta, serving in several leadership roles.

Rick Shinto as President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health

Shinto has a strong educational background, as well. He started his education at the University of California. He then went on to receive his medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Later, he went on to complete his M.B.A. at the University of Redlands. His career began when he was an internist and a pulmonologist in California. Later, he became interested in the management side of the industry, serving in capacities at companies like Cal Optima and Medical Pathways Management. Dr. Shinto also publishes, and he has several leadership awards to his credit, including the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare.


Felipe Montoro Jens: The Man Behind PPP’s Success

Public-Private Partnership refers to a funding model made for a public infrastructure project including ground transportation, power plant, or airport. The government usually represents the public partner in this case while the private partner is a privately owned business or public corporation. In Brazil, PPPs are common. Felipe Montoro Jens is one such individual who chairs the program through infrastructural development. Visit consultasocio.com to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens is prominent for maintaining a career of over two decades in leading experts in the development of infrastructure as well as financing in Brazil’s private and public sectors. His knowledge and speciality in chairing PPPs have been useful in the development of the mass privatization of industries in the country. The policy has propelled Brazil towards issuing effective policies toward schools and hospitals. Moreover, the regulations allow organizations in the public sector to collaborate with private developers in order to create managing facilities geared toward managing the programs through the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. Given that the bank was launched based on the partnership between the private and public industries, the platforms welcome both parties to the projects. The bank also unites development partners including the Inter-American Bank as well as the World Bank.

Felipe Montoro Jens is experienced in the corporate world. He has worked in various high-profile companies where he held executive positions. In 2013, Odebrecht Properties appointed him to serve as the CEO following his knowledge in the management of PPPs. Jens is also the CIO of Odebrecht Group, an affiliate of Odebrecht Properties. In Santo Antonio Energia, he is a senior board member in charge of decision making. Felipe Montoro Jens was formerly employed by Enron as well as PricewaterhouseCoopers where he in business management as well majored as corporate financing. Jens attended Oregon University and UC Santa Barbra. He has a degree in Spanish as well as History. He also has a master’s degree in Kinesiology.

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The Achievements Of Sheldon Lavin,The OSI Group CEO

Sheldon Lavin is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group which is a privately owned meat processing company that services the food service industry and also the retail sector. Sheldon had been actively involved in the financing of Otto and Sons, which later on developed into the OSI Group. It is under Lavin’s watch that the OSI Group has managed to grow from a domestic company to an international meat processing company across sixty different countries. In the year 1975, Sheldon Lavin became a partner in the company and in the early 1980’s he purchased a controlling interest which made him take over the OSI Group. His background in the banking sector made it possible for Lavin to run the company effectively and enable it to grow.Sheldon Lavin leadership has enabled the company to expand , through partnerships with other entrepreneurs across the globe.

Sheldon Lavin is also known for his kind contributions to several charity organizations such as the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, the Jewish United Fund, to name a few. Under the leadership of Sheldon , the OSI Group has been able to undergo tremendous innovations over the century. Since he took over the direction of the OSI Group, the company has been able to receive some awards. The awards range from environmental and health management to safety risks. During the 2016 Globe of Honor awards, the awards recognized Lavin’s efforts in positioning the company on the international platform and also creating worldwide employment opportunities.

Such awards are given to visionaries who often make their dreams into reality while at the same time achieving the organizational goals. Despite being the CEO and President of the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin always finds a balance between his work and his family and this ensures that his family is grounded despite the hectic schedule. Lavin has achieved great success in the management of the company, a situation he attributes to hard work and dedication.

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Ryan Seacrest: Let’s talk about our “Work Wife”

Ryan Seacrest has been a household name in America for more than a decade now, his work ethic and talent have propelled him to stardom the likes we rarely see. Seacrest first came into our homes during his stint as host and producer of the singing competition and television hit American Idol. Since Ryan Seacrest has reached out to almost every type of industry he could get his hands on, from his skincare line created by Secrest and his dermatologist “Polish” to the world of fashion with the Ryan Seacrest Distinction men’s apparel line that produces tailor-made products. Apart from his personal success, Seacrest continues to make time to give back to the community. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation builds broadcasting centers in medical facilities across the country that allow local students and patients in those facilities to earn a first-hand experience in the world of journalism and broadcasting.

Along with those ventures, Seacrest can also be found in L.A broadcasting his own radio show “On Air with Ryan” and during the week in New York as the co-host of the “Live with Kelly and Ryan“. Recently, Seacrest has been formulating a sitcom based show on his life working with Kelly Ripa on the New York-based show. The Show title “Work Wife” has been picked up for a pilot episode by ABC. The sitcom will explore the dynamics of what Ryan calls “work wife”, a term usually meaning a female co-worker which personally you have limited boundaries with but affect everyone you work with. The show will be written and produced by Michael Ian Black, an actor and producer himself that has gone to start in shows and movies such as “Wet Hot American Summer” and “Another Period”. Michael will be joined by co-producers Ryan Seacrest himself and Kelly Ripa.

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Reinventing Itself: Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group has been in the business of high-end finance for twenty years. The company was founded in 1998 by three friends named Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Briger. The company helps high-end businesses get the capital they need to get off the ground. The company was solid for a few years and then went public on the New York Stock Exchange. This helped raise the bar for the company for the next couple of years. The company tried to sustain itself through tough times and then was bought by a Japanese company called Softbank. Fortress International is still an independent entity of its own even though it is owned by Softbank.

Fortress Investment Group has as of the last couple of years, been able to get back on their feet. Now the company is heading in a new direction in order to stay ahead of the game. According to TheRealDeal.com, the company is taking a chance by creating two real estate funds. By raising the money now, Fortress Investment Group can buy real estate and the second fund will be strictly used for the lease of airplanes. The company wants to take the opportunity to expand on the private equity side of the business.

Speaking of properties, Fortress Investment Group just purchased one of the most lucrative places on the market today. The company just bought aTiffany’s building in Florida for twenty million dollars. The building was expected to sell for double that price but due to market conditions, that price was not feasible. A company called Madden Family Associates had owned the building for several years and wanted to plan for the long-term. Now that Fortress owns the building, it can offer more services to their customer base in the Florida area. It is taking things one step at a time.

Fortress Investment Group is reinventing itself for the future. By taking chances in their areas of expertise the company can expand their bases and explore new opportunities. For a high-end business like this one, an opportunity is the best thing going for it right now.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fortress-investment-group