Waiakea Water and Strong Health

People in this world no longer want to consume tap water. They prefer bottled water to it. There are many factors behind that as well. They often consider bottled water to be a lot cleaner and more dependable than its faucet counterpart. It makes sense as well. That doesn’t mean, though, that bottled water is necessarily the be-all and end-all. Consumers should take several big factors into consideration prior to buying bottled water. They should think about water that’s labeled as being “alkaline.” This water is standard tap H20 that went through processing for its current pH.

People who love Hawaii volcanic water tend to be Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water enthusiasts. Waiakea water starts out as rain and melted snow on the gorgeous volcano of Mauna Loa. This is situated on Hawaii’s Big Island.

What exactly are Hawaiian volcanic water benefits? There are many of them. This type of water is chock-full of health opportunities. It has a good amount of both electrolytes and minerals, first of all. Its 8 alkaline pH is pretty impressive as well.

Volcanic water benefits don’t stop at all with wellness. Sustainability is yet another perk that’s on its side. It has CarbonNeutral certification. People who are enthusiastic about minimizing carbon footprints often go for Hawaii volcanic water in their daily lives.

Waiakea Hawaii Volcanic Water is a business that has a reputation for being remarkably charitable. It’s a company that genuinely cares about the people who reside on this vast and magnificent planet. The company makes a point to give 650 fresh water liters for each individual liter it sells. It gives these water liters to charity organizations that are headquartered in Africa. It does all of this via an organization that’s known as Pump Aid.

Waiakea is a company that has been in business since back in 2012. It has been honored with various awards since that time. Some examples of the organizations that have positively acknowledged Waiakea are the Best in Biz Awards, the National Restaurant Association and even the World Beverage Innovation Awards. Waiakea has been in many well-known publications, too.


Awesome Things You Can Learn From Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction Company owned by David Farbaky; and deals mainly in roofing, gutter, side replacement for its customers, it’s located in southern Wisconsin and also Illinois. When given a project, Aloha construction focuses on identifying the main issue with its customer’s roof and comes up with a lasting solution. In every roofing project assigned to them, they give out a ten-year warranty to its clients. All Aloha Construction employees are licensed and insured. Staff who want to join Aloha Construction go through training in the vinyl siding institute where they get their certificate.


Aloha construction has launched mold removal services, interior remodeling, and water damage restoration. They also offer carpet cleaning services, and fire damage restoration. Plans of having their employees trained on disaster recovery are underway and its location in Lake Zurich. The company ensures customers receive the best services from its employees this has resulted in sound ethical practices. It has partnered with Learning Express where they launched a toy shop, through their charitable work, it encouraged residents to help a family in need.


Children from a family are supposed to select toys in one minute and would go home with them at no cost. Children with illness also participate like a twelve-year-old child who had congenital heart surgery where he and his friends involved in the box suite game. These games aim to help children with cancer get proper treatment by donating five dollars. The company also sponsors hockey tournaments and baseball games played by children.


Last year, Aloha Company was given an award by the Better Business Bureau called torch award. The reason behind this move was the company ethical code of conduct which was exceedingly good compared to other companies. The scholarship mainly focuses on leadership, best practice, organization ethics and costumer benefiting practices. They check if the leaders in the company have good ethics and how they engage their employees, how they communicate to each other, approach of customers, the management of the whole practice if it is benefiting the employees and the organization as a whole and also their service to the community. They also check on the human resource department and the criteria they use when hiring.


PSI-Pay Explains the Pros and Cons of European-Style Digital Wallets

With European-style digital wallets, travelers have the benefit of instant access to multiple currencies. Money for purchases is usually drawn from a bank account. ATMs can be accessed and Cryptocurrencies like BitCoin can be converted to government-issued currency using a digital wallet.

There are individuals and companies that use digital wallets exclusively. Anyone contemplating following that example needs to know a few things.

Be certain that in your community you can digitally purchase the goods and services you need. Many local businesses may not take mobile payments. Conflicts arising from the use of a digital wallet like chargebacks must be handled by the wallet’s provider. To protect consumers digital wallet providers are legally required to maintain safeguarded bank accounts.

The US and the European Union both protect bank accounts. As of this writing, there are no such protections in place for digital wallets. This is of particular concern to people and businesses that carry a high balance in their digital account.

Issues arising from the use of a digital wallet like fraudulent charges must be handled by the wallet’s provider. To protect consumers digital wallet providers are legally required to maintain safeguarded bank accounts.

Banks offer other advantages over going strictly digital. By law currency kept in digital wallets cannot draw interest. The providers cannot provide overdraft protection or loans. To offset these rules providers may reduce the fees on large balances.


In related news PSI-Pay and Kerv have partnered. PSI-Pay brings their Master Card License to the partnership. Globally Kerv customers can now use the company’s contactless payment ring globally in 38 million locations.

The word “ring” refers to a finger ring that eliminates the need to carry a wallet or card. When you make a purchase you swipe the ring as you would a credit or debit card.

Operating in the United Kingdom PSI-Pay is a Fintech company that is regulated by UK law. PSI-Pay provides payment solutions to companies. Kerv is an alternative payment company.

Kerv users can use debit or credit cards to load their account. Paypal and transfer from bank accounts may also be used.


The Far Malcolm CasSelle Has Helped Wax to Go

It is amazing to see how most people have embraced investing in some in-game virtual assets. OPSkins has become famous when it comes to selling these virtual assets. Malcolm CasSelle happens to be the CIO of this great company. The company is also known to be the leading bitcoin merchant in the world. The company has numerous users who usually make some micro-payments on a cross-border basis. Due to its decentralized protocol, the company has become great on user demand and market size. Those who created OPSkins have also come up with another blockchain platform the users can use when trading virtual assets. The new platform is known as Worldwide Asset eXchange or WAX.

The two foundation aspects of WAX include decentralized smart contracts and blockchain. With WAX, it would be easier for those selling and buying virtual assets to do it more efficiently. The virtual asset markets have had two main problems namely fraud and fragmentation. However, WAX has come up or created a widget with a blockchain system, which enables the sellers and buyers to trade without clicking off their game. With the blockchain, it has become possible to solve the fragmentation problem, which has existed in the market for a long time. It has not been easy for most people to buy and sell their virtual assets from other players in the past. However, with the WAX Platform tokenizing the gaming assets, it has become possible to trade.

Malcolm, the WAX President, is confident that this platform is the best the users ever had. He says that the cryptocurrency world needed this platform to be ignited. The Computer Science graduate from Stanford University has made the cryptocurrency trade market more beneficial and useful to the users today. He has also been at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for other studies. Malcolm was the co-founder of Hong Kong PCCW, which is a publicly traded telecom. He is good at speaking Mandarin and Japanese. Malcolm is one of the investors who invested in companies such as Zynga, Facebook, and the recent Bitcoin-related companies. At PCCW (Pacific Century CyberWorks), Malcolm was a senior vice president and the one who advised the company’s CEO.

OSI Group Acquires Baho Food

Since its establishment in 1909, OSI Group has grown to become one of the largest food and meat processor companies in the world. Based in the windy city of Chicago Illinois, it is safe to say that OSI Group has outgrown its headquarters in terms of location and, will continue to do so. In addition to that, there are plenty more accolades that OSI Group has. For example, as one of the largest companies in North America, OSI Group proudly employees over 20,000 workers with plans to add more over many years. Also, because o it’s near flawless track record as a company, OSI Group has a well-established reputation that continues to grow on people in the business and food industry. Nonetheless, OSI Group is deserving of their success now and, the successes that will surely come for them in the future. Having said that, here is more on some of the ways OSI Group has achieved their prosperity in their field.

OSI Group & Baho Food

Again, there are not too many doubters and skeptics that challenge OSI Group. Because of their success, they have strong connections not only all over the United States but, around the world as well. For example, in one of their most recent expansion moves, OSI Group has recently acquired the Dutch manufacturing food company in Baho Food. Simply put, this shows many positive things about OSI Group. For one, this audition shows the continued growth of the company. In other words, if they were able to acquire this manufacturing company that easy, who is to say that this is their last acquisition on a global scale? Regardless, this move also shows the effectiveness of the company’s leaders and leading executives. The fact that they are making big moves such as this must mean that OSI Group’s company leaders are regarded as great businessmen and very skilled professionals. In addition to all of this, this is also more proof that illustrates how much far OSI Group has come since its creation. In fact, it would be a safe bet to say that not one of OSI Group’s initial investors and creators thought that the company would ever be as large and as successful as it is today. Also, with little signs that show any decline or decrease of the company in any way, the ultimate end game for OSI Group is sure to be wonderful.

To know more visit @: www.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

Mike Baur: On Making Successful Startups

In a recent interview, expert businessman and entrepreneur Mike Baur gave some of his useful insights for startup success. Mike Baur is the founder of Swiss Startup Factory, a company that helps entrepreneurs utilize the right tools for their business. This article highlights some of the advice he shared:


Mike Baur and His Three Tips to Startup Success

  1. Good ideas come from within

Whether it is a need that you observed or something you learned over time, good business ideas do not come from other people. A lot of skilled entrepreneurs will know a good idea when they discover it, and usually, it comes like a “light-bulb” moment. When you have that good idea, it is important to take action and pursue it. The reason why people don’t succeed with their ideas is that they fail to do something about it. They miss out as they get stuck in the planning stage.


  1. Promoting your business is as valuable as operating your business

Startup company owners also need to understand that the world is already congested with offers given by other household giants. Even when you think you have the best product in the market, there is no way of reaching your target audience if you don’t do anything to promote your business. The digital age has made it easier for companies to reach out to as many people as possible without large costs. Tools such as social media, building websites and other digital marketing tools are extremely helpful and should be utilized by every business that wants to grow fast.


  1. Learn from what didn’t work

As you run your business, it is important to note which tactics within your marketing and operations are working and not working. According to Mike Baur, when a business fails, it is most likely bound to happen. What he learned throughout helping many businesses grow over the years is to learn from the things that didn’t work, and avoid them in the next venture.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a successful entrepreneur and adviser hailing from Sweden. He had several experiences in the banking industry and has worked well in this field for two decades before establishing his own company, Swiss Startup Factory.


Mr. Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with Olive Walzer and Max Meister in 2014. He is presently the managing partner of the company, and through his leadership, Swiss Startup Factory has formed many partnerships with other local and international brands. Mike was also featured in Wall Street Journal December 2016 issue about his successes in startup investments along with Swiss banking.


Adam Milstein Is Hopeful About The Future Of Israeli-Americans

Adam Milstein spoke at a conference in Washington D.C. hosted by the Israeli-American Council just a few months ago, and amidst all the speeches, panel discussions, interviews and dance celebrations, he said he was delighted to see certain things among the young people there. Many of them were excited not only to engage in political discussions, talk about things going on in Israel but also about how much they loved their heritage. Milstein says he’s very optimistic because of this and believes even with all the things that have happened in the modern world, the call of Israel even from past days is as strong as ever.

Adam Milstein believes that as long as Jewish-Americans and Israelis support Israel’s leaders and do so unconditionally, the nation will remain a force for good in the world. He certainly knows that not every decision they make is perfect, but if all Jews accept it as such, they will find common ground on things they do care about. He also notes how Jews throughout history have always had the ability to think outside the box and bring ideas to the table that nobody before has thought of. It’s one reason why many of them over the years have had success in business and finance and have also graduated from prestigious universities.

Adam Milstein is a graduate of the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, and also holds an MBA from the University of Southern California. He served in the battalion commanded by Ariel Sharon during his time in the Israeli Defense Forces and helped defeat Egypt in the Yom Kippur War. His professional career has consisted of managing billions in client assets in real estate and accumulating one of the largest commercial property portfolios as managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties.

Philanthropy is fundamental to everything Adam Milstein does as he’s said that it provides structure even his day-to-day business tasks, but also because it allows him to connect with other Jewish-Americans and also give them insight into events happening back in Israel. He’s been chairman of the IAC for over 10 years, and also is the co-chair of the Milstein Family Foundation with his wife Gila. The foundation is also a partner of Jerusalem University, American Society for Yad Vashem, Bizrael, Mason Hillel and Jewish International Fund.


Renewed Vigor with Jeunesse

The magic of Jeunesse’s wellness-enhancing products started with two entrepreneurs whose respective ventures yielded successful returns, opening the way for their shared dream to be realized: the delivery of age-reversing solutions to the world. With their uncompromising mission in one hand and the means to fulfill it in the other, Jeunesse was given life at 9 p.m. on September 9, 2009 to represent the mystical symbology behind long-standing health and vigor. It was here that Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were poised to change the world.

Jeunesse yields to the all-important fact of life that the human body will break down over years of continuous neglect and exposure to hazardous factors such as dietary deficiencies and radiation. Instead of attempting to cure these issues independently, their Youth Enhancement System tackles the problem at the knees by arming the body with nutrient-rich mixtures to kick the healing and defense mechanisms into overdrive. This uses 100 percent natural ingredients to produce a natural response from the body rather than forcing it to respond a certain way, which will allow your body to work at its own pace on the road to recovery.

The Process

The Youth Enhancement System is Jeunesse’s crowning glory and comes in nine steps that altogether form the complete wellness solution for restoring and maintaining youth. You can purchase a single product from the regimen or take on the whole system at once if you wish. Each of the nine lines of wellness products is administered in a different manner to reflect the area of the body that’s being treated, and some products come as capsules and powder mixes while others are shipped as creams that you directly apply to your skin.

Jeunesse’s offerings are designed to provide a well-rounded boost to your well-being, addressing sleep troubles and cognitive dysfunction to mood swings and mid-day lethargy. With an immune booster, antioxidant-rich formula and skin repair systems, you can protect your body from further breakdown while recovering your former potential and maintaining what you still have. The all-natural process and ingredients precludes most contraindications that are common with synthetic products in the same vein, making the Youth Enhancement System an excellent option for people of all ages and both sexes.


The Nuclear Threat in the Middle East

Daniel Taub is the one-time Israeli diplomat that was assigned to the United Kingdom. During his time working as an ambassador to the UK Taub was responsible for bringing his country, the state of Israel, and the British Isles in a new period of unforeseen international trade and possible prosperity.

Daniel Taub has worked tirelessly to bring this level of trust together, and his work has led to further unification between Israel and Western Europe. His work in England finished, Taub returned home to Israel after four years of working abroad in order to attempt to increase relations and patch up issues that Israel has had with its Islamic neighbors for an extended period of time. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

While he has been able to make a great deal of positive change there are still possible dangers over the horizon for Israel and possibly the world as a whole. The Islamic country of Iran has been working towards nuclear power for a while now, and it would appear that they are becoming close to developing the ability to produce nuclear weapons.

During the Obama presidency, there was a signing of a newly devised treaty known as the Geneva II, which some may argue made it more of a possibility for Iran to reach its goals.

The goal of Geneva II was to provide Muslim countries the ability to work within their own sovereign nation without fear of repercussion of interference from outside, potentially more militaristically powerful nations.

This decision also was to positively affect the state of Israel of course, but Daniel Taub was afraid that the ideas and concerns of nations such as Iran would supersede those of his people. The nuclear threat has always been a looming horror ever since the initial dropping and detonation of nuclear devices in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that ended World War II.

Daniel Taub is concerned that Iran will eventually create a means to usher at the end of Israel, which is a true threat, especially considering Iran’s past with the Jewish homeland.

As long as Daniel Taub is working towards bringing up positive change for Israel and the rest of the world there is always hope that this concern, like many others, that Israel faces, will be eventually swept under the rug and put to rest. Only time will tell what will happen and if Iran will succeed in its efforts for energy.

Learn more about Daniel Taub:


Market America and the Importance of the Product

One of the most important factors of an online business is the product. One of the reasons that the product is very important is because that is what the business is going to sell. One common mistake for new internet marketers is that they may try to set up a store of multiple products and then try to promote the store itself. While it may work, the problem with that is it is too general. Online businesses may attract a wide range of customers, but they may have a limited conversion rate because businesses thrive on being specific in their offer.

Before getting specific in their offer, it is important for marketers to find a product broker that is going to give them the best products. One company that has a really good reputation in this case is Market America. Marketers have chosen Market America because they have established themselves as one of the best product brokers. Market America Sells products from multiple industries. Therefore, people don’t have to worry about being in the wrong industry for Market America. They just have to sign up and get approved. Afterwards, they can find products to promote that are relevant to the industry they are trying to sell in.

Relevance is very important in picking a product. This is one of the reasons that it is important to be specific. After all, a specific group of people are going to look for specific things. For instance, if one is building a business based on phones, it is important for him to find the best phones to sell. He also has to know a lot about phones almost down to the specific detail. Once he can convince the customer that he knows enough about any Market America product, then he can run a successful campaign that sells them.

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