Article Title: Unveils The First Successful Participants Of Its AI Accelerator Program

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China’s largest retailer,, has been involved in some of the most innovative technological programs in the world. Keeping this in mind, it isn’t surprising to see it making strides in the artificial intelligence sector.

While the firm has taken many in house initiatives to progress along the path of AI, it was one of its external efforts that brought it the most attention in the past few months.

In August 2018, announced its AI accelerator program, which was an initiative to support AI-based startups and early stage companies. In what could be described as part investment and part support arm of the firm’s overall operations, the AI accelerator brought mix of financing and ancillary operations to the table for these startups.

More than six months have passed since that announcement, which is ample time to see how the initiative’s first run turned out to be Has Received Tremendous Success With Its AI Accelerator

In an event held in March 2019, finally unveiled how its efforts translated into the real world.

As a part of the initiative, 16 startups from different sectors of technology had entered the program. At the recent event, the conglomerate announced that over 80 percent of those participants have debuted their innovations through and its subsidiaries.

Ranging from education to shopping, and from legal to healthcare, the startups came from different backgrounds to approach various use cases of AI.

Through the support of, it’s financing, and its various divisions such as training and mentoring, product, marketing, and legal services, these startups were able to develop solutions with optimal speed and resources.

And that was not all, since also provided these startups with access to its own APIs and databases, so they could develop their AI-based solutions with the utmost ease. The option to have them integrated with JD businesses also gave then the assurance that their solutions would actually be used by tens to hundreds of people in a single day.

With the success of the program, announced the next round of supporting participants, which will this time include 17 startups and companies.

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JD com. – The Future We Already Live In

Can you find the connection between e-commerce and the drones? That connection is big and existing, especially if you keep in mind two magnates of the electronic industry. One of them is – China’s largest electronic retail chain and the other one is Rakuten – a Japanese leading e-commerce innovation company. These two companies have merged their skills in order to make a revolution in delivery solutions market. The companies have recently signed an agreement that includes’s drones and delivery solutions by Japanese Rakuten.

The new line of Rakuten’s unmanned delivery services is considering the work of both companies. This line will be designed in order to suit different situations and different customers.

The First Attempt

The first flight attempt of the Rakuten Dron Delivery Service was made in 2016. Afterward, both companies gained precious experience in providing services. In the past, both enterprises tried to establish cooperation with various partners, including the local authorities. In 2018 they took a major step toward solving logistic problems in Japan. Namely, this was the first time they have tested autonomous robots for delivery and unmanned aircraft.

Both companies showed their satisfaction and business enthusiasm from the very beginning.

Rakuten’s management claim is an advanced delivery network in China. This company does not hide its pleasure in choosing as a strategic partner in the race for primacy in this market.

The joint attitude of both companies relates to successful cooperation in the field of the innovation of unmanned aircraft, as well as the rapid progress of the logistics sector in Japan.

Technological step into the future

The two Asian giants collaboration attracted attention not only of the market in Asia but also in the rest of the world. Let’s just recall… was already well-known for its unmanned aircraft development. This developing program began in 2015 when the first commercial deliveries in rural parts of China began. Up to this moment, performs drone flights in many Chinese provinces. Their drones already have more than 400,000 minutes of flight. And let’s not forget – this company is still spreading over the markets in Asia.

Recently, the company has presented to the public the successfully driven the first test flight, which approved by the Indonesian government. Indonesia was the first country opened for the ideas and further operations of in Southeast Asia.

President of JD com. claimed the fact that this company has been using this technology for over two years, and, as he said – they are now ready for further innovations within the logistics industry.

Ever asked yourself what does the future looks like? Take a look at the Asian tech-market, and you’ll know.’s: Twitter.

Edwin Miranda

How To Hire A Marketing Consultant: The Things Edwin Miranda Feels They Should Say To Seal the Deal

No one is perfect. In fact, in the marketing world, you should come to expect it, according to Edwin Miranda. Edwin Miranda has dealt with his fair share of consultants. He knows what they should and should not tell you.

Edwin Miranda’s Tips On Recognizing A Good Marketing Consultant

1) You need their help for a reason. A great consultant is not going to have all the answers, according to Edwin Miranda. In fact, the great ones always say they want to find out. They will say they want to explore the resolution together.

Any consultant that says they have all the answers should not be trusted, according to Edwin Miranda. In other words, they are selling something other than professional top advice and know-how.

2) A great consultant is going to want to know every detail. They want to know how they can create a resolution the best way they can. Some consultants want details to be fuzzy. That way they can worm out of something later when it becomes convenient. That type of consultant is not the one you want to hire, according to Edwin Miranda.

3) Some customers buy the cow when they can get the milk for free. Do you hear the guy telling you that you can do it on your own? That is a good thing. Why buy into a service when you do not need to? A good consultant will only help you with the areas you need help in.

4) Does the person want to come back and see how things are going? That is a good sign. Some consultants feel their work is done when they cash the check. A good consultant feels otherwise.

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Contribution To Society By Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg is the current managing director of Fortress. He was in charge of all the sales and trading activities within the region. He joined the bank in 2008 after leaving JP Morgan. At JP Morgan, he was a member of the management committee which was in charge of investments. Michael has also served in Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers holding different roles over the years. He has gained experience from all these jobs thus making him suitable for a post relating to mortgages and investments. He was able to build good mortgages rates for the company.

Michael Nierenberg is the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the New Residential Investment Company. This is a real estate investment company that focuses on investing and managing investments related to residential apartments in the U.S. He has held this senior position since 2016. He is among the eight executives at the company who represent both young and old.

New Residential Investment Company has traded a lot of stock and buying more than 31,000 units. The company is based in New York and was founded in 2011. The company’s objective is to make investments that will give higher returns thus growing shareholders’ dividends. Through the growth of the housing industry in the United States, Nierenberg says this has created many investment opportunities that need to be explored.

In an interview, Michael Nierenberg says the rates have settled since the start of 2019 regardless of rising the prior year. He emphasizes working together with his counterparties to fulfill the need in the market. Through partnering with them, equity rises thus improving the company’s cash flow and net income.

Michael also serves as the Chairman of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation. This foundation is on a mission to fight, cure, and prevent cancer across the globe. Through partnerships from organizations and people, Michael has worked with researchers to investigate the disease. Nierenberg has achieved a lot in life through his expertise thus serving as a public figure.

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Saving Money with Agera Energy

There are many expenses that homeowners have to deal with each month. Two of the most expensive of these is the cost they pay for the electric and natural gas that is coming into their homes. The prices for these fluctuate all the time and it is very hard to maintain a monthly budget because of this. At different times of the year, you can pay a lot more each month and planning for it is difficult. However, Agera Energy has solutions that will help you to fit these costs into your budget.

Agera Energy can provide your natural gas and electric service at a much lower cost than their competitors. Switching over to their service is easy and the customer service representatives at their offices can get this started right away for you. They will set up an account and give you access to their website where you can pay your bills and view your monthly usage. The prices for natural gas and electric are posted on their website so that you know what you are paying at all times. There are other energy alternatives that Agera Energy offers and you might want to find out more information on these also.


Wes Edens the Private Equity Guru

Wes Edens is the Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Fortress Investment Group, a private equity firm. The firm is highly diversified as it invests in different fields such as healthcare, real estate, media, transportation, and entertainment industry.

More about of Wes Edens at Bloomberg.

Love for Underdog Teams

Mr. Wes has an investment affinity to underdog teams that are struggling in the league. He recently acquired Aston Villa Fc with a bid to make it one the best club in the English Championships. Aston Villa fans are optimistic that with the new leadership structure then there is no doubt that the club will achieve maximum success. Edens is also the co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA team that he invested in when nobody would ever think that they will rise to become a better basketball team in the future. His efforts have however proved his critics wrong, and the Milwaukee Bucks is among the best teams in the league right now.

Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group became one of the first private equity firms to go public in 2007. This move gave Wes Edens a stake worth of about $2.3 billion. Mr. Wes has managed to transform Fortress into a household name in the private equity business. His models are results-oriented and focus on ensuring that the clients’ needs are satisfied with the latter.

Wes Edens is an alumnus of Oregon State University where he graduated with a degree in Finance and Business Administration. He then landed his first job at a local bank in San Francisco. While working for there, his acquaintance advised him to try Wall Street because he had unmatched skills that would see him conquer the New York industry. In 1993 he moved to there and worked for Lehman Brothers and BlackRock. After only five years he teamed up with like-minded colleagues to start Fortress.

Wes Edens has a deep interest in private equity business, and his undying spirit has enabled him to be successful in most business ventures. He prefers to work with open-minded individuals who are focused on achieving impossible dreams. Wes Edens works strictly on service delivery and is guided by business ethics.

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Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry once went to school at Heriot Watt University. He loved the school and the world he lived in when he attended school there. Since he loved the school so much, he recently stated that he would be started a scholarship in his name for students planning to attended the school to apply for. Not only is he starting a scholarship, but he is also starting  mentor program so that the can help students reach their goals.

During the year students will be able to put in a call to Gareth Henry. One call each term, so they get three calls a year. They will also get some help when graduation comes around. When they graduate they will get help  career that they choose and he will also do everything he can to help them get placed into a job. He hopes that this will help students see their potential.

Gareth Henry is living in New York right now, and working in an investment job. If he had to choose he would choose to help the students that are looking to go into finance, but he will help anyone who may need it. In order to be able to apply for the scholarship that Gareth Henry started you must be from the United Kingdom and be taking the class for Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics.

Henry really wants to be able to help out the students from his alma mater. To him being able to help out just one student is a big deal, but if he can help out more than that he will really be pleased. Henry is a hardworking individual who knows a lot about finance and what it takes to be able to land a good job in finance. If you are looking for advice on schooling, getting a job, and excelling in finance Gareth Henry can definitely help you out!

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Why Clients of Equities First Holdings Likes the Flexibility of a Loan Repayment Plan

Equities First Holdings(EFH) Is well-known on the international stage. Many people seek out EFH because they make getting capital easier than traditional banks, loan terms are more favorable, and a product they offer is not easily influenced by the fluctuation of the market. It all began for EFH in 2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana by the CEO Al Christy Jr. Businesses and individuals trust the business practices of EFH. it is important because it helps the growth of EFH
EFH offers repurchase agreements, financial advice, and stock-based loans. There are several products, but the main product is a stock-based loan. People enjoy the flexibility offered by EFH regarding a repayment plan for the loan, and in some cases, Clients can walk away from a loan, which is called non-recourse. EFH will try to generate over 2 billion dollars in transactions with nearly 2000 transactions. They are good goals for EFH.


Shervin Pishevar’s 2018 Tweet Storm Reveals A Lot

Shervin Pishevar didn’t hold back when he went on a controversial tweet storm in February of 2018. Looking back, we see the tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist understood the direction of the market. Shervin Pishevar predicted an eventual massive drop in the stock market. Although the market didn’t decline the 6,000 points he suggested it would, the end of 2018 saw the market take a massive tumble.

The volatile nature of the market has many investors dumping stocks. To seek alternative investments becomes a priority when the market goes haywire. Investors do need to be careful about where they put their money. Shervin Pishevar also tweeted about problems inherent with investing in Bitcoin. Many chose to put funds in the cryptocurrency based on its one-time incredible gains. Unfortunately, the good times with Bitcoin didn’t last. The price dropped massively in 2018. Anyone with even a slight interest in the subject of Bitcoin investing should check out Pishevar’s early tweets.

The first anniversary of the tweet storm soon approaches. Shervin Pishevar may or may not choose to launch into a new one. He does, however, tweet regularly on a variety of subjects. Anyone interested in reading follow-up tweets to the tweet storm or comments about other topics may wish to check out his recent 140-character comments.

Sheldon Lavin : The Man Behind The Incredible Global Growth Of OSI Group

A great leader according to many is a person that is always there for his employees and the company as a whole, during the good and the bad times. Sheldon Lavin carries such attributes according to many who’ve worked for him the past. As the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin holds a plethora of experience in the food industry as well as an incredible record of success over the years. Sheldon Lavin who started with the company in the ’70s is considered to have been a key component to the growth of OSI Group across the world. His work ethic and genuine care for the people working in the plants have earned him countless awards, most recently he received the Global Visionary Award by the Indian government. We briefly sat down with Mr.Lavin to ask him a few questions about his career up to this point.

How did you get involved in the food industry?

Sheldon Lavin states that his involvement with the company was due to his role in financing new plant that The Kolschowsky family was seeking to build on the west side of Chicago. After many years of working for the company, Mr. Lavin would go on to purchase a major stake in the company.

What was your vision for OSI Group?

Mr.Lavin’s goal for the company was simple, growth OSI Group into an international food-processing company.

How did OSI Group grow to be so large?

Mr.Lavin comments on the fact that its growth comes from the business model they have in place. The company runs as a family of entrepreneurs, sure there are rules and strategies that must be followed by everyone, but the difference is that everyone is heard and any advice is taken into serious consideration, that is the difference between OSI Group and other companies.

What is your vision for the future of OSI Group?

That the company continues to grow to the “nth” degree, says Sheldon Lavin. The company employees an incredible amount of talented and good people, therefore, he knows that it is in the best hands possible.

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