Whitney Wolfe Changes Dating App World For Women

Whitney Wolfe has managed to join the growing number of entrepreneurs that have become interested in dating apps. She has created one of the most interesting applications for all that have been trying to get access to something that was completely different than what they were previously experiencing. Many people are thrilled about the Bumble app that was created by Wolfe, and it shows that there is a considerable amount of innovation from women in the app world.

When Whitney Wolfe created Bumble she decided to create an app that would actually give women more control than men. For same-sex matches either party has the ability to make the first move. With heterosexual couples, however, it is going to be the woman that makes the move first. With this app women have the ability to control the situation.

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Whitney Wolfe is someone that has certainly moved up in the app industry. She has done something great by bringing forth technology that shows the progress that women are making in the business world. She has her own company and she is not dependent on the ideals of any man.

Most people that have started using the Bumble app are able to see that there is a level of consistency with her former app called Tinder. This Bumble app is quite easy to use because it resembles the other app that she had already co-founded.

Numerous people are going to be thrilled about this interesting application that has become the thing that millions of people have gravitated to in such a short amount of time. More than 11 million people are taking interest in this dating platform. It is a clear sign that Whitney Wolfe was on to something great. She is creating a ground breaking application that changes everything about dating.